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700,000 Waymarks!

As of this month, the global Waymarking community has contributed over 700,000 unique and interesting places of interest all over the world. Over 30,000 sculptures and statues, 5,000 museums, 6,000 Figurative Public Sculptures and thousands of other locations in over 1,000 categories are available for discovering, learning and visiting.

Some fun category examples include: Movie Locations, Covered Bridges, Pyramids, Unusual Speed Limits, Ginormous Everyday Objects, Figurative Public Sculptures, U.S. Register of National Historic Places and more! There are over 100 waymarking categories that have more than 1,000 waymarks posted under them.

Congratulations to the Waymarking community on achieving this significant milestone!

Posted on 11/11/2016 4:55:00 PM by bootron

10 Years of Waymarking!

This month, celebrates its 10th Anniversary. During the last 10 years, the global community has contributed to a vast data set of over 600,000 unique and interesting places all over the world. Over 30,000 sculptures and statues, 5,000 museums and thousands of other locations in over 1,000 categories are available for viewing and visiting.

Some fun category examples include: Unusual Speed Limits, Ginormous Everyday Objects, Movie Locations, U.S. Register of National Historic Places, Pyramids and more! There are over 100 waymarking categories that have more than 1,000 waymarks posted under them.

Congratulations to the Waymarking community on achieving this amazing milestone!

Posted on 8/31/2015 1:58:00 PM by bootron

Half a Million Waymarks!

Congratulations to Lord Abercrombie for posting the 500,000th waymark, St Cattwg's - Churchyard - Port Eynon - Swansea, Wales, Great Britain. With its thorough description and beautiful photographs it's the perfect example of the quality and detail our community has come to expect from its users.

We are extremely proud of the Waymarking community for achieving this amazing goal, but it's not the only amazing goal worth noting. The site regularly adds approximately 1500 approved waymarks and 5000+ visits per week, 20,000 unique visitors per day, and there are over 100 categories that have more than 1000 waymarks posted under them.

Thank you again for your continued support of this site; it truly is driven by the community. Also, thanks to bruces and checkmark for helping with site and forums administration, and lumbricus for managing the Facebook page.

Be sure to purchase your own limited edition 500,000 Waymarks Commemorative Coin in the Geocaching Store!

Posted on 9/9/2013 11:50:00 AM by bootron

Waymarking Forums' New Home

Due to intermittent authentication issues over the past two weeks and difficulty finding a permanent solution in a timely manner, the Waymarking forums have been moved away from the Groundspeak Portal. The old content will remain available in a read-only format, as there is no need to authenticate when viewing previous posts.

The new location has an identical forum structure with an additional entry, "Read-Only Archives", redirecting to old content. We do not plan to import previous topics and threads, so please continue topics in the new area as needed. We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope you enjoy the features that were unavailable on the old system.

Posted on 2/15/2012 2:20:00 PM by bootron

Share Your Waymarking Adventures

Reveal the hidden world around you with Unlock unique locations in more than 1000 categories like Scenic Railroads, Last of its Kind or even Ginormous Everyday Objects. Waymarking offers a sense of discovery that’s waiting just outside your front door. Adventures around the world use waymarking to explore hundreds of thousands of interesting and useful locations. Read about the eye-opening experience from those who see the world through waymarking lens.

N!tr0 writes, "[Waymarking]… makes me look far deeper than I ever would normally, check around corners, look for dates, read signs, whereas I just used to stroll on by. And I have taken more pictures every month than I ever did before."

Dragontree says, "The most satisfying elements of waymarking are that it combines all of my talents and interests. I can use my writing skills, photography skills, art and design interest to create a waymark online and we can visit the places in person where we have always wanted to go. It gives a sense of purpose to our life and creates an ongoing memory of the world where our footsteps have fallen."

Fi67 writes, "Waymarking combines so many different things: Going outside, taking pictures, search the web or books and finally digest all that and create your own waymark. Another way to play the game is visiting. You can go to the location of existing waymarks, take a picture and upload it with a comment about your visit. The exact visiting requirements are also defined by the category managers and can vary."

Read more about the adventure of waymarking and share your waymarking stories here.

Posted on 1/17/2012 10:52:00 AM by bootron

Waymarking Forums Technical Issues

On May 4th performed a server migration that resulted in some users experiencing difficulty logging into the Groundspeak Portal forums. To fix this issue we recommend clearing the web browser cache (including "cookies") and restarting the browser before attempting a new login.

For Chrome:
Customize and Control (wrench icon) > Tools > Clear Browsing Data

For Firefox:
Firefox menu > Options > Options > Privacy > Remove individual Cookies

For IE:
Tools > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History

Posted on 5/5/2011 11:44:00 AM by bootron

Introducing Waymarking Profile Statistics

On what day did you post the most waymarks? Where in the world are they? It's all about the numbers, folks. For you data junkies out there, we’re excited to introduce several new graphs, charts and maps to help you visualize your waymarking exploits.

Visit your profile page to bask in the numerical glow of your achievements, or make changes in statistics settings.

Posted on 3/15/2011 2:56:00 PM by bootron

1000 Categories! just reached a four digit milestone. The directory reached 1000 user-created categories on October 18th, 2010. It took as little as five years for the community to reach this milestone through the peer review process. More than a quarter of a million unique waymarks have been created in that same time.

The honor of the 1000th category goes to Silhouette Public Art Sculptures. The achievement isn't just a time for congratulations, but also it’s a moment to say "thank you" to everyone who enjoys Waymarking and supports the activity.

Posted on 10/19/2010 12:14:00 PM by bootron

Groundspeak's Historic Places Application Now Available!

Groundspeak has a new iPhone application powered by Waymarking! The Historic Places app draws directly from the full database of historic places, which includes over 44,000 locations worldwide.

The application is perfect for history buffs, travelers, and, of course, waymarkers! Search for historic places near your current location, view a description and photo of each site, and navigate to the location using a simulated compass arrow or map screen.

Historic Places is available now in the iTunes store for only $0.99. View now.

Posted on 12/21/2009 2:30:00 PM by bootron

200,000 Waymarks!

200,000 Waymarks Worldwide!

Since’s Beta release you dedicated seekers have logged a staggering 200,000 waymarks in 929 categories around the world. We have our all stars, but this achievement was reached mainly through hundreds of waymarkers submitting just a handful of waymarks in their neighborhood, and we thank them enthusiastically.

For a detailed breakdown of all the waymarks submitted to date, visit BruceS's detailed blog and get your stats fix.

Posted on 9/8/2009 1:58:00 PM by bootron
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