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Wesleyan Churches
Description: Locate and describe Wesleyan Churches throughout the world.
Date Created: 8/22/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Uncommon Crossing Signs
Description: This Category is for waymarking crossing signs, not the common "Pedestrian", or "Bicycle," but the not so common ones, like "surfer" or "duck"...
Date Created: 8/21/2007
Category Managed: Uncommon Crossing Signs
Members: 31
USPS Haters
Description: I'd like to map out as many mail drops (those seemingly ubiquitous blue boxes) as possible. More than once, I've found myself wondering where the nearest one is, and I think this would be a useful category for lots of people. And of course, it's...
Date Created: 8/20/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Description: To some it is evil, to others it has no meaning at all, and to others yet, it is just plain comical. The object of this group is to create and maintain a category to waymark permanent displays of the number 666. Be it a road number, an address, or a coincidental...
Date Created: 8/20/2007
Category Managed: 666 Sightings
Members: 18
Irish Trigpoints
Description: To manage the Irish Trigpoints Waymark category.
Date Created: 8/19/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Cast Off!
Description: The purpose of this group will be to manage a waymarking category called Scenic Boat Rides. The category excludes multi-day ocean going tours, river raft rides, and canoe rides as that is covered in another category. The boat and crew must already be provided...
Date Created: 8/18/2007
Category Managed: Scenic Boat Rides
Members: 10
Hot Diggity Dogs
Description: To Find The Best HOT DOGS in the world.....
Date Created: 8/17/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 6
New England Bm's
Description: To Waymark bm's in New England mostly on mountain tops.
Date Created: 8/14/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Silver Screen & Grub Connoisseurs
Description: To locate movie theaters that serve food or a meal to you at your seat.
Date Created: 8/12/2007
Category Managed: Movie Theater Meals
Members: 14
The Elevated
Description: To create and maintain a category to waymark signs that show the elevation of a town or geological feature where the sign is located.
Date Created: 8/12/2007
Category Managed: Elevation Signs
Members: 36
Montana Historians
Description: Documenting Montana's vast history.
Date Created: 8/11/2007
Category Managed: Montana Historical Markers
Members: 14
¡Viva México!
Description: Mexican/Southwestern-style restaurants located outside of Mexico. National chains need not apply, but regional chains are fine.
Date Created: 8/8/2007
Category Managed: Mexican Restaurants
Members: 11
Honor Guard
Description: The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) has many buildings in all parts of the United States. They often serve as community meeting places as well as home for the local VFW chapter, and often sponsor war memorial and other commemorative sites.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: VFW Posts
Members: 13
American Patriots
Description: The American Revolutionary War or The War of Independence, is memorialized in many communities throughout the United States. Here we remember our patriots who risked their lives for the freedom of a new nation.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: U.S. Revolutionary War Memorials
Members: 15
Night Watchers
Description: For centuries cemeteries were often located on the property of a church. These churchyards are often full of history and fascinating stories. Here we can view these resting places of our ancestors.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: Churchyard Cemeteries
Members: 21
Grease Monkeys
Description: To showcase antique gas pumps on permanent display.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: Vintage Gasoline Pumps
Members: 22
Nobel Prize Committee
Description: Nobel Laureates are recognized internationally as men, women, teams, and organizations who have made exceptional contributions to society. Here we find memorials and other sites honoring them and their work.
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: Nobel Laureates
Members: 21
Lucky 7
Description: To log at least seven waymarks from any of the 15 departments at any one location, with none of the departments used more then once. You can choose to log within a 0.5 of a mile radius of chosen center point, or within a 0.1 mile radius for an additional challenge....
Date Created: 8/7/2007
Category Managed: Lucky 7
Members: 10
Victorian House Hunters
Description: To manage the Victorian Houses Category.
Date Created: 8/5/2007
Category Managed: Victorian Style Architecture
Members: 12
Alberta Heritage Markers
Description: This category was created to log the historical markers found throughout Alberta. Throughout Alberta at roadside pullouts and at selected sites there are historic markers that describe part of Alberta's history. Here is your chance to mark and find them....
Date Created: 8/3/2007
Category Managed: Alberta Heritage Markers
Members: 13
Ruby Tuesdays
Description: We have been eating at Ruby Tuesdays and would like to find more for our trips.
Date Created: 8/1/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Freestanding Arches Managers.
Description: Locating all man-made freestanding arches around the World.
Date Created: 7/31/2007
Category Managed: Freestanding Arches
Members: 24
National Trust UK
Description: To find Properties owned and managed in the UK by the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland.
Date Created: 7/28/2007
Category Managed: National Trust U.K.
Members: 23
Southern African War Memorial Managers
Description: Finding all memorials dedicated to Southern African Soldiers involved in War's, local and abroad.
Date Created: 7/28/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Caboose Chasers
Description: The Caboose Chasers group will manage the Train Caboose category.
Date Created: 7/26/2007
Category Managed: Train Cabooses
Members: 39
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