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The Correction Unit
Description: We are looking for items of Corporal or Capital punishment across the world. These must be originals from bygone times (not in use today) e.g. stocks, pillories etc.
Date Created: 12/4/2008
Category Managed: Punishment and Disciplinary Devices
Members: 17
The Scribes
Description: This Group will manage a category for documenting Jewish places of woship, whether they are called synagogues, temples, or shuls.
Date Created: 12/3/2008
Category Managed: Synagogues
Members: 17
Grateful Americans
Description: This groups mission is to locate, and record those monuments and memorials dedicated to the brave men and woman who served in the war campaigns of Afgahanistan and Iraq. Though there are few at present, The American spirit will rise and honor these wonderful...
Date Created: 9/11/2008
Category Managed: Afghanistan-Iraq War Memorials
Members: 17
Federation of Waymarkers
Description: Captain's Log: Star Date - Supplemental. seek out new locations and new situations. To boldly Mark what no one has Marked before! This group will manage the "STAR TREK" category. We are looking for...
Date Created: 7/18/2008
Category Managed: Star Trek
Members: 17
Historic House Keepers
Description: To locate and waymark Historic Houses built before 1837 worldwide.
Date Created: 4/19/2008
Category Managed: Pre-Victorian Historic Homes
Members: 17
Coin Operated Rides for Children
Description: This category should be a fun one. Is there any one of us who has not been on one of those kiddie merry go round rides outside your local stores? Remember when Mom promised we could go on the ride if we were good during her shopping? Talk about bribes...well...
Date Created: 2/22/2008
Category Managed: Coin Operated Children's Rides
Members: 17
Model RR Mangers
Description: Waymark model railroad displays that are permanent in nature and available to the public for viewing.
Date Created: 2/6/2008
Category Managed: Model Railroads
Members: 17
Friends of Friends
Description: To document and record all standing Quaker Meeting Houses
Date Created: 2/3/2008
Category Managed: Quaker Meeting Houses
Members: 17
Celestial Navigators
Description: Our mission is to explore strange new worlds and seek out new life and new civilizations from the comfort of Planet Earth.
Date Created: 2/1/2008
Category Managed: Planetariums
Members: 17
Great Buildings
Description: The purpose of this group is to manage the Great Buildings of the World category. Great Buildings are those listed on the Great Buildings Collection website - The list is maintained by Architecture Week magazine.
Date Created: 11/10/2007
Category Managed: Great Buildings of the World
Members: 17
World War II Prisoner of War Camps
Description: To catalog all of the worlds POW Camp sites associated with World War II. Many of these locations will only have reminants or be completely redeveloped. In addition to Prisoner of war camps, this category would also include civilian internment camps, concentration...
Date Created: 9/16/2007
Category Managed: WWII Prisoner of War Camps
Members: 17
Dockside Restaurants
Description: To document the unique eateries around the world that have a dockside entrance to their establishment. The restaurants can have both dockside and land access but they MUST have a place to tie up your boat.
Date Created: 9/3/2007
Category Managed: Dockside Restaurants
Members: 17
Korean War Memorials
Description: Memories of the Korean War are sometimes lost amongst all the other bigger and more recent wars, however this war is just as significant as the others. This war lasted from 1950 to 1953. This category is for marking any monuments, memorials,...
Date Created: 7/1/2007
Category Managed: Korean War Memorials
Members: 17
The Carbohydrate Crew
Description: Finding the freshest croissants in town.
Date Created: 5/18/2007
Category Managed: Independent Bakeries
Members: 17
Lost Dogs
Description: This group was created in the hopes of managing a category dedicated to waymarking Humane Societies and Rescue Organizations around the world.
Date Created: 5/13/2007
Category Managed: Humane Societies and Rescues
Members: 17
Balanced Rocks
Description: This group manages the Natural Balanced Rocks category. Our group is open for membership by others who love the beauty of the natural Balanced Rocks. Balanced Rocks must be 5 feet in diameter or bigger to be counted
Date Created: 2/23/2007
Category Managed: Nature's Balanced Rocks
Members: 17
Highway Giant Muffler Men
Description: This form of muffler man is folk art They are large and mass-produced. They were Developed in the 1960s by a Californian company called International Fiberglass, these types of muffler man tower at heights of 18 to 25 feet (roughly 5.48 to 7.62 meters). International...
Date Created: 1/14/2007
Category Managed: Highway Giants - Muffler Men
Members: 17
Junkyard Dogs
Description: This category is to seek out creative works of art including statues, sculptures, or mosaics made from used auto parts.
Date Created: 1/14/2007
Category Managed: Car Part Sculptures
Members: 17
Bresee Brigade
Description: To locate and record Churches of the Nazarene, and institutions, around the world.
Date Created: 12/31/2006
Category Managed: Church of the Nazarene
Members: 17
Friends of Shakespeare
Description: To waymark all of the eliments pertaining to William Shakespere in the world.
Date Created: 10/16/2006
Category Managed: William Shakespeare
Members: 17
Nature Centers
Description: This group will help mark and publicize the many Nature Centers (now often called Interpretive Nature Center) that our local, state, and national governments run. Nature Centers can also can be found in smaller, sometimes non-profit, organizations. These...
Date Created: 9/12/2006
Category Managed: Nature Centers
Members: 17
Cigar store Indian
Description: Cigar store Indians are located almost everywhere, but are becoming something of a rarity. As the introducer of tobacco to the Europeans, the Native American was ubiquitously linked to the industry. Thus, a universal brand for tobacco was...
Date Created: 9/6/2006
Category Managed: Cigar Store Indians
Members: 17
Radio Station Critics
Description: This "Category" was designed to locate and "Waymark" your favourite or local A.M or F.M. "Radio Station". ...Many stations have switched from A.M.-Radio to F.M.-Radio or added F.M. to their lineup, with a number of them...
Date Created: 7/27/2006
Category Managed: A.M./F.M. Radio Broadcasting Stations
Members: 17
Sith Council
Description: This group manages the All Things Star Wars category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: All Things Star Wars
Members: 17
Metal Detecting Managers
Description: This group manages the Metal Detecting category, and was set up to promote the use of metal detectors.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Metal Detecting
Members: 17
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