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Description: To catalog natural waterfalls that have a vertical fall of 10 feet or greater.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Waterfalls
Members: 75
Nevada Historic Markers
Description: To carefully and accurately manage in a timely manner all submitted waymarks to this category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Nevada Historical Markers
Members: 8
Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast Group
Description: The purpose of the Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast Group is to maintain and operate the Category for the benefit of the waymarkers as well as to educate visitors of the value and heritage of lighthouses.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Lighthouse Bed and Breakfasts
Members: 8
New Jersey Historic Markers Group
Description: The mission of the New Jersey Historical Markers Group is to promote the preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage of New Jersey through education, advocacy, stewardship and promoting waymarks to this category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: New Jersey Historical Markers
Members: 9
Art O Mat Group
Description: The mission of the Art O Mat Group is to invigorate the category by promoting and coordinating Art O mat waymarks: * exposing waymarkers to the creative arts * Create opportunities to enjoy, be inspired and participate in the arts. This...
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Art*o*mats
Members: 19
Fort Guardians
Description: To catalogue "Original or Restored Historic Forts" from around the world.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Historic Forts
Members: 38
Recovered US Benchmarks
Description: Manage the Recovered US Benchmarks category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: U.S. Benchmarks
Members: 11
Description: Manage fire stations!
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Firehouses
Members: 91
Description: Manage firefighting vehicles.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Fire Fighting Vehicles
Members: 32
Earth Homes
Description: This group manages the Earth Homes Waymark.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Earth Homes
Members: 13
Description: A group for the management of the Grave of a Famous Person category
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Grave of a Famous Person
Members: 16
Butterfly Houses
Description: This group manages the Butterfly Houses Waymark catagory.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Butterfly Houses
Members: 15
Washington State History
Description: This group manages the Washington State Historical Markers Waymarking Category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Washington Historical Markers
Members: 20
Tour Directors
Description: This category was established to manage the Geocaching Tour Guides category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Geocaching Tour Guides
Members: 41
Music Store Managers
Description: We manage the category for Independent music stores.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Independent Music Stores
Members: 15
Civil War Discovery
Description: The mission of this group is to manage the category for the Civil War Discovery Trail. The waymarks are sites listed at There are currently nearly 600 sites in 33 state and 2 countries.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Civil War Discovery Trail Sites
Members: 26
Maryland Historic Markers
Description: To locate and catalog the Historic Markers found throughout the state.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Maryland Historical Markers
Members: 23
Historical Markers
Description: lets hear it for a historical marker.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 12
Description: to fulfill groundspeak's rules, help manage waymarking categories, promote the activities of
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 14
Hoosier Markers
Description: Create and Manage a sub-category "Indiana Historical Markers"
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Indiana Historical Markers
Members: 4
Rock Hounds
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Mom and Pop Rock Shops
Members: 17
OHM Managers
Description: Management of the Ohio Historical Marker Category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Ohio Historical Markers
Members: 16
Clooney's Goonies
Description: We are celebrity voyeurs. Help us to find all the cool locations where celebrities shop, eat, stay for the weekend, fight, pass out, etc. George Clooney is a superstar and can do whatever the hell he wants. He's our God and we worship the ground he walks...
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Celebrity Hangouts
Members: 7
Oven & Kiln Managers
Description: Mission: Locate, Waymark, and Document various kilns and ovens: Brick, coke, pottery, ect. Once the backbone of many communities, many are left to crumble. Commerical / Industrial sites only - no appliances.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Ovens and Kilns
Members: 5
Dog Walkers
Description: As far as reviewing new waymarks goes, main points I think need to be kept consistent: 1. Titles of waymarks should be kept descriptive (name or location of park, city, country) 2. Coordinates should be for parking if it makes sense for the park, if...
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Off-Leash Dog Areas
Members: 21
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