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Waymarking Groups are a way for 2 or more people to band together for the purpose of managing a category, or simply as a way to group up and track one another's activity on the website. The Group will consist of a Leader and any number of Officers and Members of the Leader's choosing.

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Navaid Searchers manages Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structurescreated 4 d, 18 hr, 53 min ago.
Useless Solar Collectors (no category yet)created 18 d, 17 hr, 45 min ago.
Sons of Sebastian Kneipp (no category yet)created 25 d, 16 hr, 42 min ago.
Roundabout Traffics - Kreisverkehre manages Objects in Roundabout-Trafficscreated 27 d, 16 hr, 45 min ago.
Doves of peace Managers manages Doves of peacecreated 1 mnth, 7 d, 18 hr, 46 min ago.
Former Brothels manages Former Brothelscreated 2 mnth, 4 hr, 15 min ago.
Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings manages Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossingscreated 3 mnth, 11 hr, 49 min ago.
Cemetery Chapels Caretakers manages Cemetery Chapelscreated 3 mnth, 12 hr, 26 min ago.
Space Art Collectors (no category yet)created 3 mnth, 13 d, 10 hr, 20 min ago.
Czech canals with the old name (no category yet)created 4 mnth, 8 hr, 46 min ago.
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