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Waymarking Groups are a way for 2 or more people to band together for the purpose of managing a category, or simply as a way to group up and track one another's activity on the website. The Group will consist of a Leader and any number of Officers and Members of the Leader's choosing.

Presently there are 1997 waymarking groups.

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Australian Heritage Sites (no category yet)created 2 d, 12 hr, 12 min ago.
Global Transmitters (no category yet)created 5 d, 22 hr, 1 min ago.
Petit Passe-Temps manages Hourglasscreated 22 d, 12 hr, 1 min ago.
Flags of the World manages Flags of the Worldcreated 2 mnth, 16 hr, 38 min ago.
Stone hut assembled without mortar manages Stone hut assembled without mortarcreated 2 mnth, 21 hr, 14 min ago.
The Monks of War manages Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriorscreated 2 mnth, 10 hr, 35 min ago.
caniel 2 (no category yet)created 2 mnth, 2 d, 18 hr, 28 min ago.
Household Appliances and Presses manages Household Appliances and Presses created 2 mnth, 12 d, 12 hr, 50 min ago.
Latin Inscriptions (no category yet)created 2 mnth, 14 d, 13 hr, 39 min ago.
Disgruntled Waymarkers (no category yet)created 3 mnth, 9 hr, 10 min ago.
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