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Canadian National Historic Sites
Description: To ensure the proper Cataloguing of the Four Types of Canadian National Historic Sites as determined in the Category description. These are based upon the Parks Canada website which can be found at
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Canadian National Historic Sites
Members: 36
The Wall Dogs
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Ghost Signs
Members: 36
Zinc Inc.
Description: This group manages the Zinc Headstone category. Also known as "White Bronze," Zinc headstones are unique, and relatively rare, metal markers found throughout North America.
Date Created: 6/14/2007
Category Managed: Zinc Headstones
Members: 37
Natural National Parks of the World
Description: To determine the various parameters and requirements to waymark the entrances, visitor centers, campsites, etc of the varous national parks of the world
Date Created: 8/10/2006
Category Managed: National Parks of the World
Members: 37
Florida Historic Markers
Description: Roadside historic markers are our windows to the past. They educate us, they make us curious to investigate, or they provide a nice excuse to take a break and stretch our legs while we read what happened here. Florida's historic marker program is a great...
Date Created: 6/19/2006
Category Managed: Florida Historical Markers
Members: 37
Monuments to the people
Description: Locating and waymarking memorials, cenotaphs, cairns, plaques, or other places dedicated to people who did not die during military conflicts or was a police officer who died in the line of duty. Many communities have a memorial of some sort...
Date Created: 10/21/2009
Category Managed: Citizen Memorials
Members: 38
Stone Corners
Description: To manage the cornerstones and dated buildings category
Date Created: 10/16/2008
Category Managed: Dated Buildings and Cornerstones
Members: 38
Philatelic Photographers
Description: Forming a group to manage the Philatelic Photography category. Our focus will be on waymarking sites depicted on postage stamps and matching photographs of these sites to those images appearing on the stamps.
Date Created: 1/17/2008
Category Managed: Philatelic Photographs
Members: 38
Vértices Geodésicos
Description: Señales georeferenciadas permanentes españolas. Todos los puntos de referencia usados por el Instituto Geográfico Naciona, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya y Instituto Cartográfico Valenciano. Spanish survey marks. All benchmarks used by...
Date Created: 5/22/2006
Category Managed: Vértices Geodésicos
Members: 38
FIRST of its kind
Description: Category of FIRST Plaques dedicated to a person, place or thing. Must be the FIRST occurance of the item.
Date Created: 4/11/2006
Category Managed: First of its Kind
Members: 39
Caboose Chasers
Description: The Caboose Chasers group will manage the Train Caboose category.
Date Created: 7/26/2007
Category Managed: Train Cabooses
Members: 40
Military ground equipment
Description: Hundreds of Armies have developed millions of ground war fighting machines since 1900. Most of these have been lost to war damage, peace time demolition, and decay. However, several examples still remain and are on display across the world. Many people...
Date Created: 10/18/2006
Category Managed: Military Ground Equipment Displays
Members: 40
Vacationing with Waymarking
Description: To build a list of Tourist Attractions and Points of Interest to see while vacationing.
Date Created: 6/30/2006
Category Managed: Official Local Tourism Attractions
Members: 40
Scenic Hikes Managers
Description: This group manages the Scenic Hikes category, and is currently available for adoption. Join the category to take over management, or visit the Waymarking Forums for more information.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Scenic Hikes
Members: 40
Public Sculptures Managers
Description: This groups mission is to provide access to the myriad of abstract public sculptures that often people never hear about by managing a "Public Sculpture" category. Many cities dedicate a portion of taxes to adding art to their communities and this...
Date Created: 7/11/2006
Category Managed: Abstract Public Sculptures
Members: 41
Static Aircraft Displays
Description: This category is for aircraft of the world, both civilian and military, that are on permanent display at airports, in parks, at museums, and many other places. The purpose of this category is not only to find these aircraft but to also try...
Date Created: 4/8/2006
Category Managed: Static Aircraft Displays
Members: 41
Fort Guardians
Description: To catalogue "Original or Restored Historic Forts" from around the world.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Historic Forts
Members: 41
Azimuth Marks
Description: It will be this group’s mission to find, way mark, and thereby allow people to log azimuth marks that are associated with's NGS benchmarks. In fact we are technically talking about, "Survey Disks", "Triangulation Station...
Date Created: 10/3/2006
Category Managed: Azimuth Benchmarks
Members: 42
Libraries Managers
Description: Don't know everything? Neither do we. But we know a place that can help... and it's not Google or Wikipedia! Here we help people further the learning process, or enjoy the love of books.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Libraries
Members: 42
Description: A winery is a facility where fruit, usually grapes, is processed into wine. Some wineries are located on the same site as the vineyard whose grapes they process, while others process grapes they purchase from vineyards many miles away. Tasting rooms may not...
Date Created: 5/31/2006
Category Managed: Wineries
Members: 42
Out of Place Graves
Description: The Purpose of the Out of Place Graves group is to document through Waymarking those unusual, seldom seen, forgotten or little known places of Rest Eternal. This group will serve to monitor submissions to The Out of Place Graves category at
Date Created: 5/30/2006
Category Managed: Out of Place Graves
Members: 42
Warning Siren Group
Description: To verify that outdoor warning siren submissions meet the requirements and to approve them in a timely manner.
Date Created: 5/15/2006
Category Managed: Outdoor Warning Sirens
Members: 42
Tour Directors
Description: This category was established to manage the Geocaching Tour Guides category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Geocaching Tour Guides
Members: 42
Description: To waymark historic battlefields throughout the world. Anything from major battles like Waterloo and Gettysburg, to minor local skirmishes. To be eligible the battlefield could now be an historic park, or at minimum highlighted by an historic...
Date Created: 4/11/2007
Category Managed: Battlefields
Members: 43
Ghosts, paranormal, and hauntings
Description: Locations of real ghost sightings or hauntings. These places are located all over the world and each one has a great tale to be told. Real is a relative term here since some do not believe in these things, but this place is not to debate...
Date Created: 3/25/2007
Category Managed: Ghosts and Hauntings
Members: 43
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