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High Level Marks allows ratings

by:  High Water Markers 

A category to waymark high level marks. These can be any mark or marker that depicts historic levels reached when water, snow, mud, ash, etc. attained certain levels in depth or height.

ALDI Stores

by:  Aldi Freunde 

We want to waymark all the ALDI market stores in the world. .. What is Aldi? Aldi is a supermarket chain specializing in private label, discount products, some priced 30% lower than other brands.

Occupational Monuments

by:  The Working Class 

Monuments placed to honour specific occupations from day to day life. These may be dedicated to any occupation except those focusing on military or emergency services (fire, police, etc) but they do not have to be memorial. All entries must feature the human form either as a statue or part of the display piece.

Anglican and Episcopal Churches

by:  House of Waymarkers 

This category documents the locations of active and former Anglican and Episcopal Church buildings.

Sonic Drive In Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Sonic Car Hops 

To locate and waymark any of the 3000+ Sonic Drive In restaurants in the USA and Mexico. To also note differences in locations.

Birdwatching Locations allows ratings

by:  Birdwatchers 

Are you a fan of birdwatching or birding? In the wild or in Aviaries, this category spotlights the best places to spy fabulous feathered friends in flight!

Fireworks Trees  allows ratings

by:  The Pyros 

The stunning visual effects created by Fireworks Trees provide an amazingly real fireworks display. If you've seen one going you'll agree. This category is for these stunning Fireworks Trees.

Geodesic Domes allows ratings

by:  The Buck Ministers 

This category is for Geodesic Domes. Geodesic Domes are almost spherical structures contructed with the use of triangular elements.


by:  Herbaria of the World 

Herbaria are buildings set aside for the preparation and storage of plant specimens used in research by members of the scientific community.


by:  Q-Foodies 

To locate Quiznos stores.

Mills and Gins allows ratings

by:  Processing Mills & Gins 

A category for non-water or wind powered mills and gins used in the processing of natural materials. In some instances if the mill/Gin is still operational, but originally was water/wind powered and has since changed its main source of energy, then it may be submitted for approval. See expanded description.

Czech Geodetic Points allows ratings

by:  Czech Benchmarkers 

Czech benchmarks and geodetic points.

Model Aircraft Fields allows ratings

by:  Model Aircraft Fields 

Places where you can go Fly R/C Helis and Airplanes.

Star Trek allows ratings

by:  Federation of Waymarkers 

Permanent locations directly related the STAR TREK universe. These must exist "because of" STAR TREK, not just having a similar name.

Coca Cola Memorabilia

by:  Coke Collectors 

Memorabilia - (from Latin, for memorable) is an object that is treasured for its memories. This category is to find all those Coca Cola items that are "memorable". Collectible items that are on display are what we are looking for. Old Ghost Coca Cola Signs would be acceptable. Be sure that your Coca Cola item is displayed to the public, at all times. If you can, note the name of the building/business if your submission is a sign.

French Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  BenchMarkeurs Français 

!!! La Chasse aux Repères Français - The French Benchmarks Hunting !!!

Hot Rod Hangouts and Car Shows allows ratings

by:  FoMoCo 

Large cities and small towns all seem to have formal and/or informal car shows and hang outs and we'd love to know where they are and see all those great cars!

Knights of Pythias allows ratings

by:  Knights of Pythias 

The goal is to find and photograph Knights of Pythias lodges including those that are currently used for a different purpose. This could include Pythan Sisters, Sunshine Girls or the Knights of the Khorassan.

Unique Manhole Covers

by:  The Sewer Rats 

To locate and submit interesting ground "access covers" with unusual other than mass produced patterns or designs.

FIFA World Cup Venues allows ratings

by:  Footballers 

A category to Waymark venues of FIFA's World Cup competitions.

Ghost Bikes allows ratings

by:  Share the Road 

A ghost bike or ghostcycle is a bicycle set up in a place where a cyclist has been hurt or killed, as a memorial to the injured or fallen rider, and as a reminder to passing motorists to share the road. A junk bicycle is painted white, and locked to a suitable object close to the scene of the accident, with a white placard and (typically) red stenciled lettering. These memorials are mainly a political statement erected by pro-cycling organizations.

Hindu Temples allows ratings

by:  Hindu Temples 

The Hindu Temples category is a place to record the locations of all Hindu Temples around the world.

Photo Cutouts allows ratings

by:  Say Cheeze 

Say Cheeeze! This category gives people the opportunity to have fun with waymarks by documenting their interaction with photo cutouts. Traditionally made of painted plywood with cutouts where the face would be, these popular attractions are common in tourist venues, businesses, parks, and other public locations. Adults and children alike rarely pass up the opportunity to slip their heads into place and say "Cheeeze!"

Lincoln Highway allows ratings

by:  Lincoln Highway Patrolmen 

The Lincoln Highway was the first road across America. It spanned almost 3400 miles, coast-to-coast, from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. This category seeks to waymark the unique pieces of Americana and history that still lie along this supplanted route.

Seattle Art and Seek

by:  Seattle Art & Seek Challengers 

Are you up for an artful challenge? Use clues to track down Seattle’s public art, capture longitude and latitude for the artwork, and create a stellar Waymark to add to the collection! The contest is over, but there are yet more art installations around Seattle to be waymarked!

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