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Groundspeak Premium MemberYoSam. visited City of O'Fallon, Missouri Veterans Memorial Walk - O'Fallon, Missouri
I used the date of visit as the date I took the pictures. I was here for the dedication, for this was not built by the City alone. The AmVets, the VFW and the American Legion and appropriate auxiliaries were very actively involved in the design and construction.
It was designed by artist Mark S. Carroll.
I have participated in many ceremonies here, especially the annual POW/MIA ones.
The Walk.
No other memorial in the United States is quite like it.
The O'Fallon Veterans Memorial Walk -- which honors all U. S. military personnel, veterans, and American soldiers from all eras -- invites visitors to walk in the footsteps of the men and women who serve or have served our country.
Front and center of the memorial, a platoon of bronze military boots are positioned as though marching in unison, left foot forward. Boots are the common denominator of all U. S. military branches of service.
Visitors may notice that a single pair of boots is absent from the ranks. In remembrance of American soldiers that remain missing in the field, the 65th pair is positioned at the foot of the POW/MIA flag. To the rear, an eternal flame burns in a 15-foot stainless steel brazier.
Towering over the platoon of marching boots are five white marble, white granite, and stainless steel monoliths, each bearing a bronze seal from one of the U. S. Armed Forces. A row of American Military flags, matching the monoliths, along the perimeter instills a sense of honor and ceremony to the Walk, and a reflecting pool adds a feeling of peace.