Groundspeak Charter MemberThe Leprechauns visited A-10 Warthog crash site
I visited this crash site with the Waymark Creator and with the Category Owner! Now, I don't plan on going back in time and logging every single waymark I've ever visited, but you GOTS to make an exception for this one. It is one of the top five most memorable hikes of my life, and it was made in good company.

I was surprised at how much of the wreckage was still at the site. Supposedly this is because the cleanup and investigative crews' attentions were diverted elsewhere shortly after the crash, due to the September 11th terrorist attacks. But the wreckage is hard to find on the rugged mountainside. You have to be right *there* to see it among all the scrub brush and rocks. It's worth the river wading and the long, grueling climb.

I will never forget my visit here. I am glad that the pilot ejected safely, or my sentiments would be more melancholy.