Groundspeak Premium MemberSpooty visited Starke Round Barn
Visited this Waymark this afternoon.

I don't know much about barns, as I've been pretty much a "city mouse" most of my life, though I appreciate the country more as the years go on. I learned a lot from the well-written waymark write-up.

When I pulled up, I wasn't entirely sure about whether I should be there, as there's no real indication that visitors are welcome. But a man was around his pickup truck next to the house, and I told him why I was there. He thought I meant the geocache (which is just inside the barn), but I see that I'm the first to log this Waymark since its creation over 8 years ago. I actually just wanted the Waymark (because it's in a new category for me), but I went and found the geocache too.

This place was pretty spectacular; even the photos in the gallery don't do it justice, in my opinion. The property owner (or worker?) did remind me to sign the visitor log inside the barn; this is used to help get grants for the property. There are also nice full-color brochures about the place, for the taking. There's also a donation jar, and I left a couple of bucks for the owners.

As I headed on down the road to the east, I imagined how cool it would be if the owners could set up a reenactment of the barn as it used to be, and film it for posterity. It would involve bringing in livestock, machinery, and hay, and staging everything, with farmers doing their thing around this barn just for one day. One can dream!

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