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rclizmom visited Big Cowboy rclizmom visited Big Cowboy 6/10/2012
  We were driving from our campground (Wheel In) to the south, to the geocaching event at crooked creek today and I was gawking out the window at the cowboy when RcLizMom (my wife) said "Aren't you in the turn lane". I was, so I decided to stop by and...[see more]
coase visited Big Cowboy coase visited Big Cowboy 7/13/2011
  This was our first trip to this place for lunch. Hubby grew up in this area, and remembers when a past cowboy statue was stolen by high school kids. I cannot imagine how!!!
rosavillahome visited Big Cowboy rosavillahome visited Big Cowboy 6/9/2010
  Wait till the new Sheetz goes in next door... Traffic there a lot
Red Shoe & The Navigator visited Big Cowboy Red Shoe & The Navigator visited Big Cowboy 9/30/2006
  We have the unusual distinction of visiting this Waymark 3 months before it was a Waymark. So I guess we can claim a first to find. Not that anyone seems to care about finding Waymarks--first or otherwise. We were doing PA State Historical Markers on...[see more]