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Description: This group will be used to manage a category marking locomotives that have been taken out of commission and placed in public places like parks as a rememberence of the historic rail era.
Date Created: 7/20/2006
Category Managed: abcdefg
Members: 15
Bargain Hunters
Description: This group is in charge of managing the Thrift Store/Secondhand Store sub-category under the Stores/Retail Category.
Date Created: 7/19/2006
Category Managed: Thrift Stores
Members: 19
Description: An arboretum is a botanical garden primarily devoted to the cultivation of trees and other woody plants, often rare ones, forming a living collection intended for scientific study, educational, and ornamental purposes. The intention of this...
Date Created: 7/19/2006
Category Managed: Arboretums
Members: 26
Shinn Happens
Description: Our goal is to find and create new waymarking categories/sights to promote the "get off the couch and get the family our to enjoy your local area" thus enhancing family togetherness. Initially, I'd like to create a waymark...
Date Created: 7/16/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Gluten Free
Description: This group serves as a collection of places people can eat gluten free. It is meant to serve as a resource for the celiac and gluten intolerant. The idea here is to be able to eat safely with a gluten allergy or intolerance while out in public locations. Restaurants...
Date Created: 7/16/2006
Category Managed: Gluten Free Restaurants
Members: 14
Nuclear Power Plant Management Group
Description: This group manages the Nuclear Power Plant category.
Date Created: 7/13/2006
Category Managed: Nuclear Power Plants
Members: 4
West Virginia Historical Markers
Description: To facilitate the collection of roadside historical markers for the state of West Virginia.
Date Created: 7/12/2006
Category Managed: West Virginia Historical Markers
Members: 5
US National Park Service
Description: To record US National Parks and the services they provide. There are many National Park Services and they have plenty to offer their visitors. I would like to see them in a category for those of us who are interested in knowing a bit of history about them....
Date Created: 7/12/2006
Category Managed: National Parks (U.S.)
Members: 46
Public Sculptures Managers
Description: This groups mission is to provide access to the myriad of abstract public sculptures that often people never hear about by managing a "Public Sculpture" category. Many cities dedicate a portion of taxes to adding art to their communities and this...
Date Created: 7/11/2006
Category Managed: Abstract Public Sculptures
Members: 43
MS History Buffs
Description: This group is dedicated to finding and logging historical markers, plaques, and monuments located in the state of Mississippi so people around the world can visit and enjoy them.
Date Created: 7/10/2006
Category Managed: Mississippi Historical Markers
Members: 20
Mobile Vendors
Description: Mobile Vending is selling items from some sort of vehicle. It is a feature of urban culture in many countries. These are intresting vehicles, some with unusual paint jobs and stories. Photos should be posted for these waymarks. Types of...
Date Created: 7/7/2006
Category Managed: Mobile Vendors
Members: 11
Vargseld's Legion
Description: This group was made just so I could start the Big Cat Statues catagory.
Date Created: 7/5/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 5
All Aboard
Description: This will be a group focused on setting up and maintaining waymarks based on Trains and train related points of interest.
Date Created: 7/2/2006
Category Managed: Train Stations/Depots
Members: 61
Gardening Group
Description: This group is being designed to be able to set up categories for different types of gardens that are available to visit in out communities. Examples include: Rose Garden Dahlia Garden Japanesse Garden Perrinial...
Date Created: 6/30/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Coin Shops
Description: If you are a coin collector you know that a good collection takes time and older sets are becoming harder to complete. Hopefully, filling in those holes in your collection just got a little easier. If you know of a great coin shop in your...
Date Created: 6/30/2006
Category Managed: Coin Shops
Members: 18
Vacationing with Waymarking
Description: To build a list of Tourist Attractions and Points of Interest to see while vacationing.
Date Created: 6/30/2006
Category Managed: Official Local Tourism Attractions
Members: 41
Quilt Shops
Description: One of the ways I convince my wife to go to different towns to geocache is to make sure that I find out where the local quilt store is and make sure she gets to visit. The mission of this group is to Waymark quilt stores to keep everyone happy in the family...
Date Created: 6/30/2006
Category Managed: Quilt Shops
Members: 22
Curators of Science
Description: Science museums of all types around the world
Date Created: 6/29/2006
Category Managed: Science Museums
Members: 16
Scientific Museums
Description: This group would manage entries for scientific museums.
Date Created: 6/29/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 6
Historic Figure Statues
Description: This group will manage historic figure statue waymarks.
Date Created: 6/29/2006
Category Managed: Statues of Historic Figures
Members: 60
The Cluster
Description: A group of IT professionals (and their spouses) in Augusta, GA, who get together to do some geocaching and waymarking for fun and exercise.
Date Created: 6/29/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Capitols - Managers
Description: This category has been created to Waymark the central government building of a country or a state, provincial or equivalent principle division of a country. This is not for counties, municipalities, local governments or other smaller divisions of territory. Capitols...
Date Created: 6/28/2006
Category Managed: Capitol Buildings
Members: 12
Ancient Evidence
Description: This group is for recording Waymarks for pre-historic Native People's artifacts. Bedrock mortars (food grinding holes) and Yoni rocks are some of the things to be recorded here.
Date Created: 6/28/2006
Category Managed: New World Ancient Evidence
Members: 36
Australian Trig Points
Description: The purpose of this group is manage a category, waymarking trig points (benchmarks) in Australia.
Date Created: 6/27/2006
Category Managed: Australian Trig Points
Members: 43
Kill Waymarking
Description: just to register disapproval at waymarking
Date Created: 6/25/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 7
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