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World War 2 Memorials
Description: To manage the World War 2 Monuments and Memorials worldwide. The Category would seek to list and photograph Memorials and Monuments to the men and women who served their country in World War 2. "Never, never, never, never, NEVER give...
Date Created: 10/2/2006
Category Managed: World War II Memorials / Monuments
Members: 36
Lincoln Loggers
Description: This group will manage a category which seeks to capture locations related to the life and contributions of Abraham Lincoln.
Date Created: 9/28/2006
Category Managed: Abraham Lincoln
Members: 15
Underground Railroad
Description: The Underground Railroad group is being established to help document, research, and promote the thousands of sites that made up the informal network of safe houses, or "stations" along the various routes of the Underground Railroad, which helped...
Date Created: 9/27/2006
Category Managed: Underground Railroad Sites
Members: 17
Interesting Intersections
Description: This group will manage the Interesting Intersections category.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Interesting Intersection Names
Members: 19
Starbucks Coffee Group
Description: A group devoted to waymarking Starbucks coffee establishments all over the planet.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Starbucks Stores
Members: 57
Skateboarding Parks
Description: A place to post coords of skate parks all over the world.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Skateparks
Members: 18
Delaware Historical Places
Description: To find, list and preserve all the historical sites in Delaware. This includes homes, buildings, landmarks, etc that are listed in the Register of Historic Places.
Date Created: 9/25/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Description: The intention is to mark the interesting spots on the Baltic Sea island Bornholm. Regardless if public, private or commercial. Regarless if climbing spot, ruin, sweets shop, museum or amusement park.
Date Created: 9/25/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Lewis and Clark Trail
Description: We will promote the identification of points of interest on the historic Lewis and Clark trail, the path that the Corps of Discovery followed as they blazed the trail for the pioneers who later populated America's West.
Date Created: 9/24/2006
Category Managed: Lewis and Clark Trail
Members: 19
Wood Carvers
Description: All kinds of wooden carvings on display even "chainsaw carvings" & "totem poles" along roadways in parks in front of stores, lodges and wherever they may be placed for outdoor public display.
Date Created: 9/22/2006
Category Managed: Outside Wooden Display Carvings
Members: 26
The Bell Ringers
Description: The purpose of this group is to review and maintain waymark listings for "The Bells of El Camino Real". This former locationless cache category catalogued the distinctive bells placed along the historic route of the California missionaries.
Date Created: 9/22/2006
Category Managed: Californian Bells of El Camino Real
Members: 5
Personal Harvesting Managers
Description: Locate farms that allow individuals to go out into their fields, orchards, patches, etc. to harvest their crops.
Date Created: 9/21/2006
Category Managed: Pick-Your-Own Farms
Members: 20
Community Gardens
Description: Community gardens are small plots of land allocated to groups or individual people by some organization that holds title or lease to the land, sometimes for rent, sometimes simply as a grant of land, for the purpose of cultivating the land for produce (vegetables,...
Date Created: 9/20/2006
Category Managed: Community Gardens
Members: 16
Corporate Oversight Committee
Description: This Group will manage the Corporate Headquarters Category.
Date Created: 9/20/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Hot Dog Stands
Description: Find and mark Hot Dog Stands. Sample the goods and write individual critiques of the food.
Date Created: 9/19/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 9
Traces of Celtic Civilization
Description: The purpose of this group will be to manage a category called "In Search of the Celts" containing waymarks identifying traces of Celtic civilization. The Celts were a group of peoples who inhabited Europe before the Romans and...
Date Created: 9/19/2006
Category Managed: In Search of the Celts
Members: 19
Seekers of Roman Civilization
Description: The purpose of this group will be to manage a category called "Ancient Roman Civilization". The category will contain waymarks of any location recording a trace of the Romans.
Date Created: 9/19/2006
Category Managed: Ancient Roman Civilization
Members: 14
Description: Group/category/subcategory to allow users to create surname based waypoints - i.e. "Occurrences of the name [surname]". Where waypoints could be created posting coords & a picture.
Date Created: 9/18/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 7
Anamorphosis Street Art
Date Created: 9/18/2006
Category Managed: Anamorphous Street Art
Members: 15
Baptist Churches
Description: This group is dedicated to Baptist Churches and there locations.
Date Created: 9/18/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 5
Children's Museums
Description: Children's museums are fun, interactive gathering places where families can learn and play with other families. Many children's museums are located in major travel and tourism destinations. They are inclusive, non-judgmental environments where kids...
Date Created: 9/14/2006
Category Managed: Children's Museums
Members: 23
Nature Centers
Description: This group will help mark and publicize the many Nature Centers (now often called Interpretive Nature Center) that our local, state, and national governments run. Nature Centers can also can be found in smaller, sometimes non-profit, organizations. These...
Date Created: 9/12/2006
Category Managed: Nature Centers
Members: 17
9/11 Memorials Group
Description: To locate and document the September 11 memorials around the world.
Date Created: 9/11/2006
Category Managed: 9/11 Memorial Sites
Members: 37
Hex Barn Managers
Description: To develop and manage a category to waymark barns with Hex Signs.
Date Created: 9/10/2006
Category Managed: None
Members: 5
Children's Gardens
Description: Children's gardens provide experience in agriculture and the environment. These special gardens promote an understanding of plants and the role they play in our daily lives as well as nurture a sense of wonder in a child's imagination and curiosity....
Date Created: 9/10/2006
Category Managed: Children's Gardens
Members: 13
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