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Railroad Relics
Description: Any old railroad accessed factories/railroads that have now been abandoned. Any abandoned right-of-ways and removed railroads count too.
Date Created: 12/10/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 9
Bike Mechanics
Description: This group is managing a category for waymarking Self-service Bike Repair Stations.
Date Created: 11/16/2017
Category Managed: Bicycle Repair Stations
Members: 10
Make me Fly!
Description: This group will manage the new category for Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Base Jumping, Wingsuiting
Date Created: 11/08/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 13
Post Boxes of the World
Description: To highlight public post boxes of the world, no matter the shape, size or colour!
Date Created: 10/31/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 8
Dutch NAP Markers
Description: Amsterdam Ordnance Datum or Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP) is a vertical datum in use in large parts of Western Europe. Originally created for use in the Netherlands, its height was used by Prussia in 1879 for defining Normalnull, and in 1955 by other European...
Date Created: 10/27/2017
Category Managed: Normaal Amsterdams Peil (NAP) - Dutch NAP Level Markers
Members: 8
K1 Telephone Boxes
Description: To map a list of the world's remaining K1 telephone boxes in Britain and its former colonies
Date Created: 10/26/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Navaid Searchers
Description: Identify and document current and former structures built for air navigation all over the world.
Date Created: 10/17/2017
Category Managed: Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structures
Members: 15
Useless Solar Collectors
Description: Find useless solar collectors and publish them as a Waymark. An example for useless can be a solar plant under a dense crown of a tree.
Date Created: 10/03/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Sons of Sebastian Kneipp
Description: This group will manage a category for Kneipp Pools.
Date Created: 09/26/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Roundabout Traffics - Kreisverkehre
Description: Try to explore such 'Roundabout Traffics' in different shapes, sizes and well prepared 'inside objects' all over (and roundabout) the world.
Date Created: 09/24/2017
Category Managed: Objects in Roundabout-Traffics
Members: 6
Doves of peace Managers
Description: The aim of this group is to give the peace doves of this world a common home in the "Doves of peace" category.
Date Created: 09/14/2017
Category Managed: Doves of peace
Members: 16
Former Brothels
Description: The mission of this group is to seek out any and all former brothels (houses of ill repute) within historical buildings that have a story to tell and last offered services from 1950 and earlier. Existing buildings will only qualify for submission into this...
Date Created: 08/24/2017
Category Managed: Former Brothels
Members: 12
Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings
Description: The mission of this group is to seek out any man-made animal bridges and crossings that aid various wildlife in getting from point A to point B. We are particularly looking for earth bridges over highways and roads, bodies of water, as well as tunnels and...
Date Created: 07/27/2017
Category Managed: Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings
Members: 18
Cemetery Chapels Caretakers
Description: To identify and waymark chapels located within the boundaries of cemeteries.
Date Created: 07/24/2017
Category Managed: Cemetery Chapels
Members: 7
Space Art Collectors
Description: The goal of this category is to waymark works of Space Art around the world.
Date Created: 07/10/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Czech canals with the old name
Description: If you find canal, on which is inscription KANALISACE, it is waymark for this category.
Date Created: 06/29/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Painted Camel Statues
Description: Around the world, but especially in Bahrain there are wonderful painted camels. This groups aim in to find and waymark them all. In Bahrain there are 30 camels, and many of the gulf countries have then also. Once this group is set up I want...
Date Created: 05/03/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Geological Heavenly Locations
Description: Geological Heavenly Locations
Date Created: 04/28/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Interesting coordinates
Description: It's place with coordinates like N 55°55.555 E 044°44.444 or E 012°12.121 N 45°45.454 or W 121°21.212 N 55°55.555 This places can't be ih the private buildings, sees, oceans and other complicated avaiable places. BUT this place can...
Date Created: 04/17/2017
Category Managed: Exotic Coordinates
Members: 11
Waterway stop plank storage structures
Description: To record occurrences of waterway stanking and stop plank storage structures. Stanking and stop planks are planks that are used to create temporary dams in waterways to enable maintenance and repair works to be undertaken once the water...
Date Created: 04/05/2017
Category Managed: Waterway stop plank storage structures
Members: 3
Cat Whisperers
Description: To create and manage a category for Feral Cat Feeding Stations and Feral Cat Colonies.
Date Created: 04/01/2017
Category Managed: Pet Waste Stations
Members: 9
Canal and river distance markers
Description: To identify and record distance markers on canals and rivers. These may be imperial or metric, made of any material, e.g. stone, wood or metal. They maybe distances to the start or end of the waterway or distances to a specific location.
Date Created: 03/27/2017
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Australian Heritage Sites
Description: This category is to waymark the Australian Heritage.
Date Created: 03/21/2017
Category Managed: Australian Heritage Sites
Members: 10
Global Transmitters
Description: De: Diese Gruppe verwaltet die Kategorie -Radio and Television Transmitter Towers-. EN: This group manage the category -Radio and Television Transmitter Towers-.
Date Created: 03/18/2017
Category Managed: Radio and Television Transmitter Towers
Members: 10
Petit Passe-Temps
Description: This group is formed to manage a category called "Hourglass" to reference hourglasses or hourglass representations.
Date Created: 03/01/2017
Category Managed: Hourglass
Members: 8
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