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Cracker Barrel Restaurants
Description: This group will document all Cracker Barrel Restaurants wherever they are located.
Date Created: 6/17/2007
Category Managed: Cracker Barrel Restaurants
Members: 13
Specific Veteran Memorials
Description: Monuments and memorials dedicated or commemorated to specific veterans. This can be for on duty or off duty incidents and for single or multiple people. War specific memorials should be placed in their respective category. This category is designed for...
Date Created: 6/17/2007
Category Managed: Specific Veteran Memorials
Members: 21
Native Names
Description: A group to waymark cities and geographical places whose name comes from a native indian language. I got the idea from the "Names from the Bible" group. Some examples are Milwaukee, Wisconsin or Tulsa, Oklahoma
Date Created: 6/16/2007
Category Managed: Native Indian Names
Members: 14
Show Me MO
Description: A group dedicated to maintaining waypoints that highlight the special properties of Missouri, the Show Me State. Historical markers, Interesting landmarks, interesting locations that show the wonderful properties of the state are what we are looking for.
Date Created: 6/15/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 7
Disaster Memorial Managers
Description: The Disaster Memorial Managers group has been created to manage the Disaster Memorial category, which will seek submission of disaster memorial waymarks around the world.
Date Created: 6/15/2007
Category Managed: Disaster Memorials
Members: 22
Lego Minifigs
Description: To find all the official Lego Stores across the world!
Date Created: 6/15/2007
Category Managed: Official LEGO Stores
Members: 9
Zinc Inc.
Description: This group manages the Zinc Headstone category. Also known as "White Bronze," Zinc headstones are unique, and relatively rare, metal markers found throughout North America.
Date Created: 6/14/2007
Category Managed: Zinc Headstones
Members: 38
Swedish Military History
Description: To waymark swedens military history. Everything from WW 1 installations, old battlegrounds and coldwar bunkers.
Date Created: 6/14/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Oklahoma Historic Markers
Description: We Waymark Oklahoma Historic Markers.
Date Created: 6/11/2007
Category Managed: Oklahoma Historic Markers
Members: 12
Alaskan Historic Markers
Description: Waymarking Alaskan Historic Markers.
Date Created: 6/11/2007
Category Managed: Alaska Historic Markers
Members: 12
Survey markers
Description: Permanent Survey Markers
Date Created: 6/11/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Date Created: 6/10/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
The Tobacconists
Description: A group for waymarking indie cigar shops (though is there any other kind). Cigar shops are shops which sell cigars, cigarillos and sometimes loose tobacco. The category is for shop specifically selling cigars, so the local liquor shop wont count.
Date Created: 6/9/2007
Category Managed: Independent Cigar Shops
Members: 12
Description: We manage the Public Swimming Pools of the World. Helping everyone find a nice place to go cool off on those Dog days of summer! So when your taking a dip, think of us and post your favorite pubic swimming pools.
Date Created: 6/7/2007
Category Managed: Public Swimming Pools
Members: 22
NRHP Geeks
Description: This category is to list buildings cast in a supporting role for NRHP Historic Districts as 'contributing buildings.'
Date Created: 6/4/2007
Category Managed: NRHP Historic Districts - Contributing Buildings
Members: 34
Obelisks...not Obelix
Description: A group to waymark obelisks. According to Wikipedia, an obelisk is "a tall, thin, four-sided, tapering monument which ends in a pyramidal top; originally from ancient Egypt." This is to waymark the Luxor obelisk in Paris to the Washington Memorial...
Date Created: 6/1/2007
Category Managed: Obelisks
Members: 39
"You Are Here" Managers
Description: To collect all "You Are Here" Maps. A "You Are Here" map is a map of an area with a mark on it that says "You Are Here" (or the equivalent in another language) to tell you where you are. They are found in malls,...
Date Created: 5/30/2007
Category Managed: 'You Are Here' Maps
Members: 47
Tennis Facilitators
Description: To waymark places to play or watch tennis around the world.
Date Created: 5/29/2007
Category Managed: Tennis Facilities
Members: 9
Food Enthusiasts
Description: This category is for all those Independent Restaurants out there that are locally owned and ran, No Franchises! Ya know, that little restaurant that serves down home cooking. We want to know were they are and what makes them special!
Date Created: 5/29/2007
Category Managed: Independent Diners
Members: 24
Engineering Masters
Description: Engineering Masters manage the Engineering Landmarks category documenting sites listed by the American Society of Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers.
Date Created: 5/27/2007
Category Managed: Engineering Landmarks
Members: 22
Clean Cats and Canines
Description: This group manages the waymarks that are associated with self-serve dog washers. These may be standalone businesses or associated with some other facility like a car wash. We are not looking to waymark professional groomers but will accept...
Date Created: 5/24/2007
Category Managed: Self Serve Pet Wash
Members: 9
The Kilroys
Description: To find Chads, Foos, Clems and Kilroys
Date Created: 5/23/2007
Category Managed: Kilroy Was Here
Members: 10
Out to Lunch (and dinner)
Description: This group is setup to manage a category called Kids eat Free". This category will detail locations, times, and days where someone can take their kids and get a free meal.
Date Created: 5/18/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
The Carbohydrate Crew
Description: Finding the freshest croissants in town.
Date Created: 5/18/2007
Category Managed: Independent Bakeries
Members: 17
Green Acres
Description: To catalog, collect and organize all New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres areas in New Jersey.
Date Created: 5/17/2007
Category Managed: None
Members: 7
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