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Description: locais para preservar
Date Created: 1/4/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Hidden Parks and Local Gems
Description: This group is here to help cachers placing waymarks that represent Parks that are not largly known of(ei: not a city park), or hidden gems that other cachers/waymarkers would enjoy.
Date Created: 1/3/2009
Category Managed: Hidden(Local Parks) and Local Gems
Members: 16
Animal Kingdom
Description: To manage and waymark the Red List Animals category.
Date Created: 1/2/2009
Category Managed: Red List Animals
Members: 8
The Belay Slaves
Description: This Group manages the Artificial Climbing Walls Category. [quote] A climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet, used for climbing. Some are brick or wooden constructions, but on most modern...
Date Created: 1/1/2009
Category Managed: Artificial Climbing Walls
Members: 16
Grain Elevators
Description: The goal of our group is to photograph and document grain elevators throughout the world.
Date Created: 12/30/2008
Category Managed: Grain Elevators
Members: 17
Billiards and Pool Hall Managers
Description: To create,seek out and manage a category for Billiard and Pool Halls.
Date Created: 12/30/2008
Category Managed: Billiards and Pool Halls
Members: 14
Hundred and Up
Description: Headstones of Centenarians is a category for the collection and documentation of headstones that detail the honored as being aged at 100 years old or over at the time of their demise.
Date Created: 12/30/2008
Category Managed: Headstones of Centenarians
Members: 30
Professional Sports Headquarters
Description: To waymark the headquarters of professional athletic leagues and the headquarters of the teams affiliated with those leagues.
Date Created: 12/29/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Anti Gravity Group
Description: This Group is made up of individuals interested in managing Waymarks in the Rope Courses Category. What is a Rope Course? Wikipedia defines it this way: "A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development...
Date Created: 12/29/2008
Category Managed: Ropes Course
Members: 12
vienna ramblers
Description: We waymark interesting and unusual places and trails and are located in Vienna/Austria or have been visiting it.
Date Created: 12/28/2008
Category Managed: Boundary stones
Members: 8
Kids Eat Free
Description: To manage a category to highlight restaurants that offer free meals to children to help us parents and grandparents find more affordable dining options.
Date Created: 12/26/2008
Category Managed: Kids Eat Free
Members: 13
Token Chroniclers
Description: This Category is for Waymarking all of those historical marker sites around the UK and marker sites across the world with British connections. Historical marker sites provide visitors with important, interesting information and provide us with a chance to...
Date Created: 12/23/2008
Category Managed: UK Historical Markers
Members: 10
Description: To locate and waymark independent hardware stores around the world.
Date Created: 12/22/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Dutch RD lovers
Description: This group is for all those who are interest in the Dutch RD points, equivalent to the US benchmarks. Goal is to create a category Dutch RD points to include as many of the Dutch RD points as possible. Deze groep is voor...
Date Created: 12/22/2008
Category Managed: Dutch Benchmarks / RD meetpunten
Members: 15
Not so famous graves
Description: The idea behind this group is so that we can visit unusual graves of people that may or may not be famous...Maybe a grave with an unusual headstone,statue, or monument. An unusual grave would be something out of the ordinary such as a large monument like a...
Date Created: 12/20/2008
Category Managed: Unusual Graves or Headstones
Members: 22
Independent Artist Store Keepers
Description: "The Wet Paint group has been created to manage an Independent Artist Supply Stores category, which will seek submission of Independent Artist Supply Store Waymarks around the world."
Date Created: 12/20/2008
Category Managed: Independent Artist Supply Stores
Members: 7
Bend Bike Lanes
Description: To bring attention to the city of Bend Oregon's Bike lane artwork. We have some creative individuals on our road department crews, and most people drive right by the artwork every day and never see it! Let's bring attention to them.
Date Created: 12/19/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Murphy's Law of Physics
Description: This group will establish and manage a category to waymark geographic locations where physics have gone kaput including gravity hills, vortexes, mystery spots, etc. whether unexplained, man-made, or illusion.
Date Created: 12/18/2008
Category Managed: Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills
Members: 12
The Crypt Keepers
Description: To create and manage a category for Mausoleums. And to seek out and waypoint Mausoleums.
Date Created: 12/18/2008
Category Managed: Mausoleums
Members: 25
The Faces of Death
Description: This category is formed to find and waymark Death Mask Gravestones, or casts of deceased persons built into cemetery markers.
Date Created: 12/17/2008
Category Managed: Death Mask Gravestones
Members: 20
Core of Discovery
Description: This group will manage the "Inventions" category.
Date Created: 12/17/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Grotto Seekers
Description: To seek out and waymark all Natural and Man made GROTTOS. Grotto is a cave with cultural significance, or a garden feature imitating it. A grotto (Italian grotta) is any type of natural or artificial cave that is associated...
Date Created: 12/17/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 8
Description: To find and post waymarks for all metroparks- the term is also used in urban areas to refer to parks (usually large ones) that because of their special attractions draw visitors from the entire Metro area. These parks, which usually have...
Date Created: 12/15/2008
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Description: This category is to document the real world locations found in Zippy the Pinhead comics. Locations can be found worldwide but are mostly centered in North America.
Date Created: 12/12/2008
Category Managed: Zippy the Pinhead Locations
Members: 17
Description: Create and manage a James Bond category
Date Created: 12/10/2008
Category Managed: James Bond - 007
Members: 16
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