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Kinetic Sculpture and Art
Description: This groups mission is to allow people to find art that is a blend of artistry and engineering - kinetic sculptures. Kinetic sculptures are created with motion as a critical part of the sculpture; the parts move with respect to other parts. This category will...
Date Created: 2/15/2010
Category Managed: Kinetic Sculpture and Art
Members: 24
One-Room Schoolhouses
Description: To waymark existing and/or historic one-room schoolhouses found throughout the world.
Date Created: 8/2/2009
Category Managed: One-Room Schoolhouses
Members: 24
Independent Pharmacies
Description: Marking the locations of independent pharmacies around the world.
Date Created: 1/18/2009
Category Managed: Independent Pharmacies
Members: 24
Scenic at Night
Description: This group aims to waymark places that are best seen when it is dark outside. This category is for waymarking those places you like to visit at night, because of the view. There are places around the world that really come alive in the...
Date Created: 9/18/2008
Category Managed: Scenic at Night
Members: 24
Description: To Waymark the various flavours of Methodist Churches.
Date Created: 9/4/2008
Category Managed: Methodist Churches
Members: 24
Aldi Freunde
Description: We want to waymark all the ALDI market stores in the world. Wir wollen alle ALDI Läden weltweit waymarken.
Date Created: 8/11/2008
Category Managed: ALDI Stores
Members: 24
Model Aircraft Fields
Description: Places where you can go learn and fly R/C Aircraft
Date Created: 7/25/2008
Category Managed: Model Aircraft Fields
Members: 24
Friends of Friends of Friends
Description: To list all the Seventh-day Adventist Churches and invite new people to check them out.
Date Created: 4/16/2008
Category Managed: Seventh-day Adventist Churches
Members: 24
The Old Salts
Description: Administration of the Maritime Museums category. The purpose of this Group is to help preserve the world's maritime history to better understand mankind's various relationships to the oceans, seas, and major waterways of the globe.
Date Created: 1/2/2008
Category Managed: Maritime Museums
Members: 24
Dunkin Donuts
Description: With over 11,000 stores in 33 countries, Dunkin Donuts is one of the most familiar donut and coffee shops in the world. Each location deserves a waymark!
Date Created: 12/3/2007
Category Managed: Dunkin Donuts'
Members: 24
National Trust UK
Description: To find Properties owned and managed in the UK by the National Trust and National Trust for Scotland.
Date Created: 7/28/2007
Category Managed: National Trust U.K.
Members: 24
Food Enthusiasts
Description: This category is for all those Independent Restaurants out there that are locally owned and ran, No Franchises! Ya know, that little restaurant that serves down home cooking. We want to know were they are and what makes them special!
Date Created: 5/29/2007
Category Managed: Independent Diners
Members: 24
Vietnam War Memorials
Description: To find and waymark memorials dedicated to those who served and/or died in the Vietnam War.
Date Created: 1/31/2007
Category Managed: Vietnam War Memorials
Members: 24
Cheapskates R Us
Description: To manage a category for waymarking Dollar Stores (And, if such exist, Yen Stores, Rouble Stores, Drachma Stores, Lira Stores, Schilling Stores, etc.)
Date Created: 1/20/2007
Category Managed: Dollar Stores
Members: 24
Fishing Piers
Description: The place where one can actually go out on a structure and fish or watch the water. Commercial, public, private, we want to collect them if you want to share them.
Date Created: 1/1/2007
Category Managed: Piers
Members: 24
Rose Garden Group
Description: To waymark public Rose gardens for all to enjoy.
Date Created: 10/29/2006
Category Managed: Rose Gardens
Members: 24
Comic Book Shops
Description: BANG! BASH! POW! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... a comic book shop! This category is to help you find places that sell comic books, magic the gathering cards, movie memorabilia, Star Trek, Star Wars, TV Memorabilia .......
Date Created: 7/27/2006
Category Managed: Comic Book Shops
Members: 24
Description: Our Group's mission is to waypoint everything and anything in Colorado Springs and surrounding area!!
Date Created: 6/18/2006
Category Managed: Steakhouses
Members: 24
Air Traffic Controllers
Description: This group manages the Airports category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Airports
Members: 24
Coordinate Palindromes Managers
Description: This group manages the Coordinate Palindromes category. A coordinate palindrome is one where the digits of the latitude and longiture (in DegMin notation) read the same both forward and backward.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Coordinate Palindromes
Members: 24
Ice Cream Parlors Managers
Description: This group manages the Ice Cream Parlors category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Ice Cream Parlors
Members: 24
Unusual Speed Limits Managers
Description: This group manages the Unusual Speed Limits category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Unusual Speed Limits
Members: 24
Animal Memorials
Description: The purpose of this group is to locate any memorial to a single specific animal (not a species or breed) who was noteworthy enough to be given a plaque or statue commemerating their life. The story of the animal is as important as the memorial itself. Examples...
Date Created: 4/1/2006
Category Managed: Animal Memorials
Members: 24
Washington State History
Description: This group manages the Washington State Historical Markers Waymarking Category.
Date Created: 3/30/2006
Category Managed: Washington Historical Markers
Members: 24
Charge it!
Description: Electric cars are coming. Electric charging stations are popping up.Lets find the places that have dedicated charging stations and give the cities and businesses a place on our map!
Date Created: 1/12/2011
Category Managed: Electric Car Charging Stations
Members: 25
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