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Dome Heads
Description: To catalog, photograph and record the inside of domes with a decidedly artistic appeal. The insides of these domes have to be works of art and not plain and unappealing. This is not for the architecture but for the art.
Date Created: 2/9/2011
Category Managed: Domes of the (Under) World
Members: 19
Description: To waymark permanent orienteering courses around the world.
Date Created: 11/17/2008
Category Managed: Permanent Orienteering Courses
Members: 19
Description: Create and monitor the 'Permanent Charity Donation Locations' category
Date Created: 11/17/2008
Category Managed: Permanent Charity Donation Locations
Members: 19
Solar System Watchers
Description: Find to-scale models of the solar system, either to-scale by size and/or distance. This must be a 3-dimensional model, not just a picture. For to-scale by size, the sun need not be depicted or can be partially depicted.
Date Created: 9/19/2008
Category Managed: Solar System Models
Members: 19
Sitting Pretty
Description: To sit and ponder the Artistic Seating Category.
Date Created: 9/19/2008
Category Managed: Artistic Seating
Members: 19
Share the Road
Description: This group is dedicated to promoting and managing the category of Ghost Bikes - to point out the small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street.
Date Created: 7/14/2008
Category Managed: Ghost Bikes
Members: 19
Description: This group will manage the Cobblestone Buildings category.
Date Created: 5/21/2008
Category Managed: Cobblestone Buildings
Members: 19
Blood donation
Date Created: 3/26/2008
Category Managed: Blood Donation Centers
Members: 19
Gather 'round the good stuff
Description: To waymark the 34,000 Pizza Hut restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks in 100 countries.
Date Created: 1/16/2008
Category Managed: Pizza Hut Restaurants
Members: 19
Kroger Family
Description: A category to locate all the Kroger grocery stores in the United States. Stores: Kroger Ralphs King Soopers City Market Dillons Smiths Fry's QFC Quality Food...
Date Created: 11/4/2007
Category Managed: Kroger Supermarkets
Members: 19
Hot House Flowers
Description: The mission of this group is to waymark all types of greenhouses. This includes the commerical types - large growing operations or small sales centres for greenthumbs, greenhouses also include place that specialty plants are grown for public display. This...
Date Created: 7/19/2007
Category Managed: Greenhouses and Nurseries
Members: 19
Mountain Gaps
Description: The purpose of this group is to create a category to waymark mountain gaps (the low point between two mountains).
Date Created: 6/19/2007
Category Managed: Named Mountain Gaps
Members: 19
World Fair Fanatics
Description: Our mission is to waymark buildings, landscapes, and features of the past 150 years of World Fairs or Expositions.
Date Created: 1/11/2007
Category Managed: Permanent World Fair and Expo Structures
Members: 19
Mascot Maniacs
Description: We want to find mascot statues all over the world!
Date Created: 12/30/2006
Category Managed: School Mascots
Members: 19
Malls lot and lots of malls
Description: To waymarkmark different types of malls.
Date Created: 12/24/2006
Category Managed: Indoor Malls
Members: 19
Antique Hotels Managers
Description: The Purpose of this groups is to waymark Antique Hotels all around the world.
Date Created: 12/6/2006
Category Managed: Antique Hotels
Members: 19
Picture Perfect Postcards
Description: Collecting picture postcards is one of the most popular thing that we all do while traveling in the world. Many are miniature works of art, and they have a very wide appeal. Many people collect postcards showing places that they've been to (or want to...
Date Created: 10/10/2006
Category Managed: Picture Perfect Postcards
Members: 19
Interesting Intersections
Description: This group will manage the Interesting Intersections category.
Date Created: 9/26/2006
Category Managed: Interesting Intersection Names
Members: 19
Traces of Celtic Civilization
Description: The purpose of this group will be to manage a category called "In Search of the Celts" containing waymarks identifying traces of Celtic civilization. The Celts were a group of peoples who inhabited Europe before the Romans and...
Date Created: 9/19/2006
Category Managed: In Search of the Celts
Members: 19
Cigar store Indian
Description: Cigar store Indians are located almost everywhere, but are becoming something of a rarity. As the introducer of tobacco to the Europeans, the Native American was ubiquitously linked to the industry. Thus, a universal brand for tobacco was...
Date Created: 9/6/2006
Category Managed: Cigar Store Indians
Members: 19
Whispering to Giants
Description: This group is for managing Waymarks of statues in Peter Wolf Toth's Trail of the Whispering Giants series. Peter Wolf Toth has donated a statue to each of the 50 U.S. states and many Canadian Provinces: so there is probably one not too far away from you!...
Date Created: 6/21/2006
Category Managed: Whispering Giant Sculptures
Members: 19
Active Quarries Managers
Description: This group manages the Active Quarries category, and is currently available for adoption. Join the category to take over management, or visit the Waymarking Forums for more information.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Active Quarries
Members: 19
Garage Door Art Managers
Description: This group records garage door art from all over the world. Waymarks can be for garage doors that are either totally or partially covered in art or those that form part of a much bigger piece of art.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Garage Door Art
Members: 19
Military Installations Managers
Description: This group manages the Military Installations category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Military Installations
Members: 19
Oddball Museums Managers
Description: This group manages the Oddball Museums category.
Date Created: 6/15/2006
Category Managed: Oddball Museums
Members: 19
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