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container ports and hubs,caol and iron ore places
Description: The task is get the main container ports, hubs and coal or iron ore docks in a collection of photographs. You can include pictures of the separate quays or an overview photo. Ideally with a container ship or feeder along side. Any information on the ship...
Date Created: 4/12/2010
Category Managed: Container ports and hubs, coal and iron ore places
Members: 5
Kcymaerxthaere Seekers
Description: To form a group of interested individuals who are interested in locating and sharing the global network of three dimensional storytelling known in the linear world as Kcymaerxthaere. This is a fascinating group of dimension. For complete...
Date Created: 4/11/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Description: Hundertwasser Architecture: Since the early fifties Friedensreich Hundertwasser concerned himself with architecture, and for the rest of his life he pursued his interest in an architecture more fitting to nature and humans.
Date Created: 4/10/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Where the money is (bank branches with billion dollar deposits)
Description: When Willie Sutton the bank robber was asked why he robbed banks, he answered: “because that's where the money is." We plan to map and photograph every single bank branch in the world that has deposits of greater than US$1 billion....
Date Created: 4/9/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Project GreenHouse
Description: Project GreenHouse is an art initiative that invites the public to participate in the creation of a living geoglyph. Participants who visit any of the Project GreenHouse art events are invited to take an earthen "brick" that is embedded with Florida...
Date Created: 4/5/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Art Students
Description: To manage Art Studios category. Art studios or Ateliers are buildings or appartments that artists use as their workroom. We try to locate those art studios that are open to public in any form. Production studios under a company name like...
Date Created: 4/4/2010
Category Managed: Art Studios
Members: 18
Waymarking U: Groundspeak
Description: Lackey run group.
Date Created: 4/4/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
Flora and Fauna Enthusiasts
Description: This group's mission is to create a worldwide database of informative signs which highlight the local flora and fauna of a particular location.
Date Created: 4/1/2010
Category Managed: Flora and Fauna Information Signs
Members: 25
Mississippi River Floodplain Wetland of International Importance
Description: Ramsar site no. 1901. Most recent RIS Mississippi River Floodplain Wetlands (22,357 hectares, 43°03’N 091°10’W)are designated as a Wetland of International Importance. (Ramsar site no. 1901) The...
Date Created: 4/1/2010
Category Managed: Upper Mississippi River Wetland of International Importance
Members: 7
Whispering Among Friends
Description: To locate and highlight Whispering Galleries throughout the world.
Date Created: 3/28/2010
Category Managed: Whispering Galleries
Members: 8
FEPOW Commemorators
Description: The Far East Prisoners of War were lost amongst the tide of events in Europe and other countries during the Second World War. It is only recently that we are able to appreciate and empathise with these brave people by creating valuable resources available...
Date Created: 3/28/2010
Category Managed: Remembering FEPOW
Members: 10
Group have Engrish is Waymarkers
Description: This group is dedicated to managing and creating a waymarking category for humorous "engrish" signs that have an incomprehensible and humorous use of the english language.
Date Created: 3/20/2010
Category Managed: Engrish Signs
Members: 5
Moomin club
Description: We are looking for museums, theme parks, shops, cafés, or other public places where Moomins are seen in real life.
Date Created: 3/16/2010
Category Managed: Moomins
Members: 16
Bifana's House
Description: The goal of this group is to create Bifana's House Waymark (Portuguese tradicional fast food house). The "Bifana" is a thinly sliced pork steak sandwich, served in our traditional bread, fried on vegetable oil or olive oil with lots of garlic....
Date Created: 3/12/2010
Category Managed: Bifana´s House
Members: 4
Vic Waymarkers
Description: To manage the listing of Australian History. Also to promote waymarking in Australia along with the Australian Waymarkers.
Date Created: 3/6/2010
Category Managed: Australian Historical Markers
Members: 18
Czech National Monumentalists
Description: This group wants to promote a new category serving for waymarking of objects which are recognized by the official list of Czech National Cultural Monuments (Národní kulturní památka - NKP) mantainted by Czech National Bureau for Monuments (Národní památkový...
Date Created: 3/5/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 9
Custom Mappers
Description: We will collect the locations of downloadable custom maps.
Date Created: 3/3/2010
Category Managed: Custom Mapped locations
Members: 11
Guerrilla Vinyl Artists
Description: Chronicling the places where people can find a Vinyl Street Art
Date Created: 2/28/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Mechanical Marvels
Description: Our Mission is to waymark mechanical attention grabbers, both modern and those that have stood the test of time. Billboards, signs anything designed to draw potential customers to a product or business. The waymarks can be powered by electrical...
Date Created: 2/26/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 5
Old Spanish Trail Blazers
Description: Our mission is to seek out interesting sites along the Old Spanish Trail auto highway that once spanned the United States from St. Augustine, Florida, to San Diego, California, with its center and headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The cities in between boasted...
Date Created: 2/21/2010
Category Managed: Old Spanish Trail Auto Route
Members: 11
A cacher!
Description: Cette catégorie a pour but de recenser des endroits où il n'existe pas encore de caches et où des geocacheurs de passages souhaiteraient en voir. L'idée : En principe, les cacheurs posent des caches...
Date Created: 2/18/2010
Category Managed: France : Lieux qui mériteraient une cache
Members: 4
Telephone Exchanges and Central Offices
Description: The purpose is this group is to waymark global telephone exchanges and Central Offices. For those who have worked in the telecommunications industry this will be a fascinating repository of telephone exchanges.
Date Created: 2/17/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 9
Succulents and Cacti
Description: This Group is for the creation and managment of a Waymark Category to list Succulent and Cactus Gardens. New members are welcome, and invited to discuss and help create the new Category. Not sure as of yet if there should be two different...
Date Created: 2/16/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Kinetic Sculpture and Art
Description: This groups mission is to allow people to find art that is a blend of artistry and engineering - kinetic sculptures. Kinetic sculptures are created with motion as a critical part of the sculpture; the parts move with respect to other parts. This category will...
Date Created: 2/15/2010
Category Managed: Kinetic Sculpture and Art
Members: 24
Locationless Hybrids
Description: To create and manage a Waymarking categories specifically created to tie in with certain Geocaches
Date Created: 2/10/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
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