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Earth Globes
Description: Earth Globes are spheroid shaped objects that as much as possible, accurately represent the major land masses and water bodies of our planet.
Date Created: 7/5/2010
Category Managed: Earth Globes
Members: 20
Indoor Basketball Courts
Description: There is a category for outdoor basketball courts, so the goal of this group is to create a category for gymnasiums and fieldhouses where the game of basketball is played.
Date Created: 7/5/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 5
DVD Kiosk Group
Description: Create a category for DVD rental kiosks.
Date Created: 7/5/2010
Category Managed: DVD Rental Kiosks
Members: 12
Manitoba Historians
Description: This category was created to find and log the historical markers throughout the Province, that have been erected by the Province of Manitoba.
Date Created: 7/4/2010
Category Managed: Manitoba Historical Markers
Members: 11
Tin Tabernacles.
Description: Tin tabernacles are churches made, usually, from corrugated iron sheets. They were erected largely in new communities and replaced as the congregation grew and a more permanent construction was required. However, there are some famous examples...
Date Created: 7/2/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Category makers
Description: to make new categories
Date Created: 6/28/2010
Category Managed: Lost Places
Members: 10
East alabama waymarkers
Description: to create a category
Date Created: 6/28/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Sea World Benchmark Managers
Description: Survey marks placed by Sea World surveyors at any of the Sea World theme park locations. The Sea World locations include: San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX; and Orlando, FL.
Date Created: 6/28/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Sister Cities
Description: A group to waymark monuments and to sister cities.
Date Created: 6/26/2010
Category Managed: Sister City Monuments
Members: 22
Date Created: 6/24/2010
Category Managed: Convenience Stores
Members: 4
Lost Place Fans
Description: This group is for all who like old abandoned industrial, military and other buildings, especially in Germany.
Date Created: 6/22/2010
Category Managed: Abandoned/Lost Places
Members: 14
Themed domestic gardens
Description: This would be for gardens attached to houses where the owner has set it out in a bit of an oddball, left field or bizarre fashion. As an example have a look at this link for an example. Plain...
Date Created: 6/21/2010
Category Managed: odd gardens
Members: 9
I play with toys too!
Description: I want to locate most independent toy stores.
Date Created: 6/20/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 6
I'v Gatta have a Wawa.
Description: On the East coast of the U.S., I want to locate every wawa store.
Date Created: 6/19/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Rental bicyclists
Description: Managers of Bicycle Rentals category
Date Created: 6/14/2010
Category Managed: Bicycle Rentals
Members: 14
No Place to park!
Description: My goal is to make a waymark category for parking garages.
Date Created: 6/13/2010
Category Managed: Places for Valet Parking
Members: 8
Southwest Airlines Super Graphics
Description: I Want to locate all the special southwest planes of the world. If you found one (Like a state or Sea World) take a picture of it and get the coords of the terminal you saw it in. If you saw it while landing or taking off, Get the coords of the runway from...
Date Created: 6/12/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 3
A+ Students
Description: This will become a category for public schools around the world.
Date Created: 6/12/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
The Trash Buddies
Description: I want to make a category of "Decretive Trash Cans". A plain old trash can at a park with a design count too!
Date Created: 6/12/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Retired Cachers
Description: I want to make a category for old cache sites. In this category, you will make a waymark on a site were an old cache used to be. The cache must archive before send this waymark in.
Date Created: 6/11/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 7
Shoe finders
Description: We will try to locate as many shoes on power lines as we can. e-mail me if you can be an officer.
Date Created: 6/10/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
The Nuggets
Description: To document, photograph, preserve and waymark rock and mineral displays and specimens. Acceptable waymarks will be rock and mineral displays, glacial erratics (a piece of rock that differs from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests),...
Date Created: 6/3/2010
Category Managed: Rock and Mineral Displays
Members: 27
Bullfight arenas
Description: WM field, arenas, and other places where bullfighting and rodeos take place
Date Created: 5/31/2010
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties
Description: This is a team of people assembled by the Heritage Trust Nova Scotia who want to expand the list and display of important historic sites in Atlantic Canada for access by our community and our tourism visitors.
Date Created: 5/29/2010
Category Managed: Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties
Members: 11
Etched in Stone
Description: Seeks the locations that have quotes and speeches permanently displayed.
Date Created: 5/26/2010
Category Managed: Etched in Stone
Members: 32
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