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My son Emmett and I hope to use as the platform for an adopt-a-hydrant program called Hydrant Heroes. The objective is to provide a location-based hydrant adoption program for kids to help local volunteer fire companies focus on the maintenance and care of hydrants in their jurisdiction. We hope to work with Groundspeak to refine this program and roll it out to communities throughout North America. Each waymark in a community's Category would be "adopted" by a child. This child would receive weather updates and reminders to clear their hydrant of snow, check for leaks, report on paint condition, confirm numbering, assess condition of reflective cap covers and snow flags, etc. Children would also be encouraged to log their visits, take pictures, and provide feedback on hydrant concerns. Local fire company officials would be able to assess the status of hydrant clearing after large snow events by visiting the Waymarking website. Children would receive additional notices encouraging them to visit their adoptive hydrant and enter logs. My son plans to introduce the program to local school children during fire prevention week in October. We look forward to your feedback.

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