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Our grandfathers of days gone by, placed marks along coastal hills. Typically made of a pile of stones, these served as marks and were the first aids-to-navigation that helped fisherman and other mariners navigate their way, before the advent of modern navigational aids including lighthouses, buoys, and today's GPS. To explain a bit further, these ancient coastal landmarks are essentially the very first aids-to-navigation that mariners had. In theory it could be argue they are a form of Daymark, but the discriminating difference is daymarks were built by government agencies and are registered as official daymarks. The category I am proposing does not cover these, but does cover landmarks that were built by mariners themselves for their use. Ironically these same fishermen used them sometimes when in land. They would 'tie their boat ashore', make reference to a nearby landmark, and then go in-land for the purpose of hunting, berry picking, etc. Then when returning to their boat they would the landmark to help them walk back the right way. I would argue these ancient coastal landmarks are one of the original 'waymarks' that people placed on this wonderful Earth. They didn't have modern aids-to-navigation until later in life. Newfoundland (a province of Canada) has a fair few of these, and these marks were typically placed in the later part of the 1800s. Proverbs 22:28 - "Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set." June 11, 2012 - THIS GROUP IS NO LONGER BEING CONSIDERED VALID. PLEASE DELETE.

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