founder: The Blue Quasar
date created: 7/8/2007
no. of members: 27
description/mission statement:
Management team for a Waymarking Game based upon locationless requirements created by other Waymark players. The concept is to have items that exist but are not fixed to a point on the Earth but can be a challenge to be photographed with or doing. All Waymarks MUST be approved by Officer Vote.

open enrollment: ON

This group manages the following:
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Photo Goals 9/22/2007
Officer List
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lumbricus - Pappa Rattzi
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call number: 20
last login: 1/18/2020
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...on vacation...
BruceS - Image Developer
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call number: 3
last login: 4/23/2013
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sundevil1994 - Photo Technician
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call number: 9
last login: 6/26/2019
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model12 - Photo Technician
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call number: 15
last login: 1/16/2020
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Waymarking the World, One at a Time.