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After spending some time geocaching at a resort not far from my hometown I was inspired by two fish wall mounts I saw at a lake resort restaurant and general store. One was a German Brown trout, the biggest ever caught at Fish Lake. The other wall mount was a Rainbow trout, the largest ever caught in the same lake. After seeing these fishing trophies, I just had to create a category in their honor: Fish Mounts. The mission as a waymarker if you choose to accept is to find and waymark any fish wall mount that you may come across in your travels. You see them everywhere. In bait shops, restaurants, book stores, hotels, motels, etc. Most of these wall mounts have a small metal plaque below them that tells some history about the fish and what significance it had. So many wall mounts you see are record setters for the state or local area they were caught in. In addition to logging your waymark, detailing some history about the area would be a extra bonus. Click this link to go to the category forum and read more about this potentially new category: Doug thebeav69

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