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Army Air Force Technical Sergeant Lucian Irvin Oliver of Memphis was 23 when his B-24 Liberator he was apart of disappeared while returning to Jackson Airfield, New Guinea. Nov 20,1943 was reported the last transmission from “The Great Speckled Bird”, the name given to tail number 42-0886. 1984 The Recovery Team from CILHI evaluated a WW11 crash site and proclaimed the finding,ravine is landslide prone , to dangerous to fully recover. Further evaluations and excavations in years 1987, 2002, and 2004, concluded than pieces of remains and artifacts found at location marc1771 are indeed the 42-0886 plane that these 11 air men were on. The Pentagon had an Arlington funeral honoring these on March 24,2011 the closure of these 11 men are no longer MIAs. My Uncle has been brought home, no more missing. The United States of America honors our soldiers by remembering and never forgetting, as proven here. My Heroe he is. David Porter

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