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This group manages the Boy Scout Camps category. We are currently accepting new members. Present or former Scouts/Scouters are preferred.

open enrollment: ON

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Boy Scout Camps allows ratings 10/14/2005
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The A-Team - Senior Campmaster
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I was part of Scouts Canada for many years, starting at the lowest level in Beavers, and moving up through Cubs, to Scouts, and finally Venturers. I was awarded the Chief Scout's Award along with all of the other members of the 1st Gibsons Scouts in 1997.
tiki-4 - Campmaster
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Need more members!
ggmorton - Ranger
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BSA Eagle Scout, Aug 1993, Troop 314, Manchester. Tennessee
vhasler - Ranger
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Sequoyah Council (NE TN/SW VA), Troop 48, Advancement Records