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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Marijuana vending machine. A marijuana vending machine originally found a niche market as a vending machine for selling or dispensing cannabis. Recently, thanks to changes in legislations across Europe and the UK, the United States and Canada and other countries around the world, marijuana vending machines (also known as cannabis vending machines) today are widely diffused, and sell a wide range of cannabis, hemp and CBD-related products that starts with the THC-based cannabis flowers in countries where the legislation allows cannabis consumption, or CBD-only, legal cannabis all across the global market, and includes marijuana, hemp and CBD based products that includes, among others, hemp and CBD oils, tinctures and infusions, hemp-based food products, cannabis edibles, CBD cosmetics, hemp beers, sodas and teas, smoke paraphernalia and more. The first experiments in distributing marijuana through vending machines started in the early 2010s, when they were already in use in the United States and Canada.The primary challenge faced in selling restricted or controlled merchandise like cannabis is to verify the identity of the user in front of the vending machine making the purchase, which is overcome by the application of biometrics and smart vending software technology, the same technology used to verify the buyer's age in the automatic sales of tobacco.

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