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To waymark interfaith chapels. Interfaith chapels can often be found at the heart of other waymarked or waymarkable institutions: hospitals, military installations, college and university campus'. Some corporate complexes that are big enough to have their own exercise facilities may also have non-denominational chapels. These can be stand-alone buildings, or a space set aside within another building. I was motivated to instigate this group by the recent need to spend time visiting family members in hospital. I was struck by just how beautiful these spaces were. In my experience, they are always set up to be lovely contemplative spaces. Where windows to the outside are not feasible (such as on an aircraft carrier), I've seen backlit stained glass elements to simulate sunlight streaming through church windows. The faith community is nearly fully covered by existing subcategories within the religious buildings category. But many beautiful and noteworthy spaces are missed because they are non-denominational.

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