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Automobile Salvage Yards allows ratings

by:  Auto Recyclers 

This catagory is a collection of automobile salvage yards around the world. A automobile salvage yard is where one can go purchase used auto parts at a lower cost rather than purchase new parts which are at a higher cost.

Funeral Homes

by:  Funeral Homes 

To waymark the many Funeral Homes, Parlors, and Mortuaries worldwide who offer funeral services, and comfort to those families in need during the difficult times of a loss of a loved one.

Spirit of '76

by:  Patriots 

Any remnant or evidence left over from 1976 which celebrates and commemorates the United States Bicentennial year of independence in conjunction of the signing of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Australia/NZ Benchmarks

by:  Australia/NZ Benchmarks 

This category is for logging permanent survey marks throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Research Institutes

by:  Researchers 

This category is for waymarking research institutes around the world. We are interested in research institutes from all major fields of science: natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities. If institution's main activity is research we would like to have it here.

Citizen Memorials allows ratings

by:  Monuments to the people 

Many people have left a significant impact on a community, friends, and loved ones to have had a permanent memorial erected in their honour. This category is dedicated to those places around the world where you find a memorial of some kind.

Established Rock Climbing Areas allows ratings

by:  C&G Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route. Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control.

Outdoor Amphitheaters

by:  Amphitheater Seekers 

An amphitheater is an oval, circular-shaped, or semi-circular area surrounded by rising ground and used for public performances, exhibitions, contests, games, etc. They can be found in many locations around the world. Amphitheaters posted under this category must be outdoors and open to the elements.

Railroad Museums

by:  "Choo-Choo" Railroad Museums  

Railroad museums from around the world.

Remains of Settlements

by:  PeHoRo 

Throughout the world, evidence of earlier settlement can be found. Whether it is the remains of streets and roads, foundations of buildings, or remnants of the infrastructure, all make great finds when walking out into the scenic outdoors. This category seeks those evidences where we can find remains of settlements off the beaten path, in unpopulated places, and particularly in nature. It seeks out the proofs of settlements in the past which tells us something about how people lived there.

Coastal Boardwalks

by:  Plankplacers 

Raised walking platforms often constructed of wood or composite materials. They are usually for the purpose of allowing people to avoid terrain matters such as rocks and sand. Typically these afford viewing areas of water features such as oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds.


by:  Ornithologists 

Cages or other holding areas for birds. These are typically for birding research, while many are also used for allowing the public to view various birds species in a more accessible manner.

Named Farms and Ranches

by:  Farm and Ranch Hands 

This category will mark farms, ranches, vineyards, orchards or plantations that have publically displayed names. Farms or Ranches can be either privately or publicly owned . They also may or may not be able to be toured or visited.

Smithsonian Art Inventory Sculptures

by:  Art Archivist 

The Smithsonian Art Inventory includes over 400,000 works of art, including paintings and sculptures. This category is looking ONLY for outdoor public sculptures. This encompasses many sculpture types including monuments, mounted art, statues, abstract and realistic sculptures.

Australia Post Offices allows ratings

by:  Australian Posties 

Our goal at Australia Post Offices is to locate and waymark as many post office locations as possible, including licensed post offices. We are particularly interested in standalone, 'traditional' Australia Post Office locations - past and present.

Converted Bank Buildings

by:  Converted Banks 

A category to waymark former bank buildings that now are used for different purposes.

Childhood Homes allows ratings

by:  Childhood Homes 

This category will collect all the places that were childhood homes to famous people.


by:  Marinas 

This category is to waymark marinas, owned either publicly or privately, which are defined generally as a facility for publicly or privately owned powerboats, rowboats, and sailboats, typically offering docking, fuel, off-season out-of-water storage and other services; sometimes with a restaurant. This category if for those sites not covered by the Sailing and Yacht Clubs category.

Renaissance Architecture allows ratings

by:  Renaissance Musketeers 

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to find either an original Renaissance (not pseudo-/neo-Renaissance) building or structure to post in this category.

Improved Order of Red Men

by:  Red Men 

America's oldest fraternal organization, chartered by Congress. The fraternity traces its origins back to 1765 and is descended from the Sons of Liberty.

One-Room Schoolhouses

by:  One-Room Schoolhouses 

The purpose of this category is to waymark existing and/or historic One-Room Schoolhouses.

Blacksmith Shops allows ratings

by:  Blacksmith Shops 

This category will locate, photograph, and waymark existing, historical, and former blacksmith shops.

Laser Tag Facilities

by:  Tag, you're it! 

A category to waymark locations that offer laser tag to the public.

Great Lines of Earth allows ratings

by:  Parallel waymarkers 

The Great Lines of earth category is for markers, plaques, signs or other man-made objects like statues, monuments, etc., that indicate any of the following: the five major circles of latitudes, equal degree of latitudes (parallells), equal degree of longitude (meridians), or historical meridians.

Readable From Above allows ratings

by:  Those Crazy Humans! 

Complete words appearing in readable form, in any aerial or satellite map provider's online view of the location.

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