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Field Hospitals

by:  War Hospitals 

Locations and structures which temporarily served as a field hospital during wartime.

Hand Operated Water Pumps

by:  old city waterpump's 

To Waymark those old, beautiful hand operated water pumps found in market squares, old streets, and other historical sites.

Silhouette Public Art Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Silhouette Sculpture 

This category is for the style of sculpture that is generally cut from a sheet of metal (or other substance) or uses bars or pipe to interpret the artist's sculpture. This also includes art pieces that are made of words, regardless of language, which are silhouette by design. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

Historic Hand Operated Sluice Gates

by:  Sluice Gate Operators 

A collection of small sluice gates on waterways.


by:  Velodrome Managers 

Category will locate and waymark Velodromes throughout the world, either still used , not currently in use, abandoned or being reused.


by:  Gas holders 

This category tries to find structures called gasometers. This could be our last chance to record them. These exist around the world but they are becoming rare. Gasometers can be known also as gas holders and gas bells.

Trophies, Medals and Cups  allows ratings

by:  World Champions 

This category is designed to waymark athletic awards that are on permanent, public display such as Olympic medals, World Cups and other trophies presented in competitions at the national or international level.

Sequoioideae Trees

by:  Sequoioideae Trees  

To find Sequoioideae Trees all over the world outside their natural habitat.

Pictorial Village Signs

by:  Village Signs 

This category is dedicated to village or small township signs that depict the heritage, history or culture of the area in pictorial form.

Pictorial Pub Signs

by:  Inn Signs 

This category is dedicated to finding traditional pub signs where the name of the establishment is depicted pictorially on a board hung outside the establishment.

Historic Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks allows ratings

by:  Historic Horse Stuff 

To identify and record the location of old Upping Stones, Hitching Posts, and Carriage Blocks, made of stone or concrete that aided a rider or passenger to mount or dismount a horse or carriage, that are of historical interest and were in use when a horse was the main form of transportation before the automobile. The category is not looking for decorations, but original items in their original locations, not public parks, tourist attractions, museums, sidewalks, or flower bed displays.

German Trigonometric Points allows ratings

by:  German Trigpoints 

Deutsch Diese Kategorie beinhaltet alle Trigonometrischen Punkte in Deutschland, sofern diese Steine sind oder Bolzen erlaubt, die direkt in den Boden eingelassen sind. English This category includes all trigonometric points in Germany, where these stones or studs allowed, which are inserted directly into the ground.

Historic Eats

by:  Historic Eats 

If they've been serving food for more than 50 years, this is the place for them.

Century Farms allows ratings

by:  Century Farms 

Photograph and waymark Century Farms and Ranches that have been owned and continue to be operated by direct descendants of the same family for at least 100 years.

Comedy Clubs allows ratings

by:  Comedy Clubs 

This category will waymark the locations that are dedicated to the art of Stand-Up comedy.

Manitoba Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Manitoba Historians 

This category exists to collect the various Historical Markers that have been placed throughout this Canadian province.

Earth Globes allows ratings

by:  Earth Globes 

Earth Globes are spheroid shaped objects that as much as possible, accurately represent the major land masses and water bodies of our planet. Photos are required for new waymarks. One photo should be a close up of the globe and the second of the globe in its environment.

Sister City Monuments

by:  Sister Cities 

A category to waymark monuments and plaques to sister cities/twin cities around the world.

Bicycle Rentals

by:  Rental bicyclists 

Waymark businesses or services that rent or offer bicycles for a limited time of use. This category is intended to be from a tourist point of view. See below for more details.

IKEA allows ratings

by:  IKEA from Sweden 

This category wants to locate IKEA stores around the world.

Art Studios

by:  Art Students 

The goal of this category is to find art studios, ateliérs and workshops of individual artists, or small groups of artists.

Rock and Mineral Displays

by:  The Nuggets 

To document, photograph, preserve and waymark rock and mineral displays and specimens.

Etched in Stone allows ratings

by:  Etched in Stone 

This category seeks the locations that have quotes permanently displayed.

Butterfly Gardens

by:  Pollinators 

Butterfly gardens aim to create an environment through the planting of specific plants and flowers to attract butterflies. Each garden is unique and this category seeks to find and catalog each garden.

Wedding Chapels allows ratings

by:  Wedding Chapels 

To locate various chapels and structures,(indoors or outdoors)used mainly for weddings.

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