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by:  Cairn Seekers 

Cairns are purposly placed significant mounds of rocks placed as locations of memorial, spiritual protection or for prayer. They are generally built loose without mortar, but are on occasion reinforced in modern years to aid their survival. Modern cairns are erected as memorials & prayer markers for loved ones lost, these of course have a place here. Small casual groupings of stones placed by travelers will not be considered, cairns must be significant and set to stand the test of time

Japanese Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Japanese Restaurants 

To list all restaurants, located outside Japan, serving primarily Japanese cuisine, but not including sushi or noodles. Sushi or noodles may be sold, just not as their primary business.

Converted Factories

by:  Converted Factory Buildings 

There are many factory buildings that are not used for production any more, and have been converted to something else. Here we would like to waymark such buildings.

Buffet Restaurants

by:  Buffet Barons 

The goal of this category is to seek out and list buffet restaurants around the world.

Artistic Welcome Signs

by:  Welcome Wagon 

Communities often create wonderful artwork for their welcome signs – paintings, carvings, or even sculptures. This is a place to showcase these signs and the communities that they represent.

Religious Freedom

by:  Witnesses 

This is a place to identify and present places around the world commemorating the universal human struggle for religious freedom.

Architecture Prizes

by:  Architecture Prizes 

To Waymark buildings and structures designed by the winners of the major international Architecture Prizes.

Sokol Centers allows ratings

by:  Sokol 

Sokol buildings worldwide - both actively used and converted to other use.

Património Português (Portuguese Heritage)

by:  Heritage 

[PT] Esta categoria é para criar waymarks do patrimônio Português. [ENG]This category is to waymarking Portuguese heritage.

Portuguese Historical Markers

by:  Portuguesehistoricalmarkers 

[PT] O objetivo desta categoria é criar uma listagem de todas as placas informativas dos monumentos, locais e edifícios históricos de Portugal. [EN] The goal of this category is to create a listing of all the Portuguese Historical Markers.

Historic Preservation Awards

by:  Europa Nostra 

Category goal is to find historic preservation award winning buildings, structures, landscapes and objects in the world.

Domes of the (Under) World

by:  Dome Heads 

This category is for cataloging the inside/underneath of domes which are unique, ornamental, demonstrate beauty, and eye-popping detail and that are appealing to the eye and make you want to stop and take a picture. These under-domes must have significant artistic merit of some sort, not be plain, unadorned surfaces.

Traffic Parks

by:  Taxi, Taxi 

Our goal is to find traffic parks everywhere in the world.

Scouts Monuments and Memorials allows ratings

by:  Fleur-de-lis  

This category is to Waymark Scouting Monuments And Memorials.


by:  Flying on cables 

A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted with an inclination. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to go from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable

UK Post Offices allows ratings

by:  UK Post Offices 

UK Post Offices from the smallest village to the largest city centre Post Office.

Electric Car Charging Stations allows ratings

by:  Charge it! 

Charging stations for electric cars.

Wayside shrines allows ratings

by:  Wayside Shrines Lovers 

A wayside shrines are type of small sacred monuments, in shape of stone column or build pillar with. It symbolize the column at which Christ was scourged.

Monuments of the Eastern Freedomfights allows ratings

by:  freedomfight 

We are looking for every monuments which is dedicated to the uprisings against the communist regime all over the world.

Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties allows ratings

by:  Atlantic Canada Heritage Properties 

Originally started as a site for Nova Scotia historic heritage properties, this category has been expanded to become a site for cataloguing and increasing awareness of heritage properties in Atlantic Canada, home of Canada's oldest settlements.

Bridge Date Stones and Plaques

by:  Bridge Daters 

This category seeks bridge date stones, or original embedded plaques, which permanently record the construction or dedication date of a bridge.

Kokopelli Sightings

by:  Kokopelli 

The purpose of this category to locate and catalog sightings of Kokopelli.

Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers) allows ratings

by:  Histoire du Quebec (Quebec Historical Markers) 

[FR] Catégorie référençant les repères officiels du patrimoine culturel de la province de Québec. [ENG] Category to collect official cultural heritage markers of the Quebec province.

Girl Scout Gold Award Project Sites allows ratings

by:  Girl Scout Gold 

Showcasing the Community Service Projects of Girl Scout Gold Award Candidates (mostly in the USA), Chief Guide Award and Queens Guide Award, or Chief Guide’s Platinum and Diamond Award Candidates (Girl Guides) around the World.

Lions Clubs International Markers

by:  JustLionAround 

This category is to Waymark the Friendship Arches, Monuments and Plaques placed by Lions Clubs International members worldwide. Lions Clubs International (LCI) is a secular service organization with over 44,500 clubs and more than 1.3 million members in 206 countries around the world.

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