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Military Installations allows ratings

by:  Military Installations Managers 

This category covers all military sites, buildings, objects etc.

Pikachu Sightings allows ratings

by:  pokemon 

The aim of this category is to focus on the cultural symbolism of pikachu and related pokemon (eg. Pichu)

Mountain Bike Trailheads allows ratings

by:  Mountain Bike Trailhead MGMT Group 

Mountain bike trails, with name, general trail location, trailhead lat/lon, link to trail map (if available). More information you provide, the more fun others can / will have visiting the trails.

Fountains allows ratings

by:  Fountain MGMT Group 

Any and all type of non-drinking type fountain, and not the type of place you purchase refreshment. Indoor or outdoor, fountains with running water.

Racetracks allows ratings

by:  Racetracks Managers 

Any major or minor racetrack in the world including road courses, ovals, go kart tracks, motorcycle, motocross, dragracing, and special street racing courses.

Abandoned Dead Vehicles allows ratings

by:  Abandoned Dead Vehicles Inspectors 

Abandoned Dead Vehicles will only accept cars, trucks, buses, trolley cars or other vehicles that are abandoned, no longer running, and can not be restored.

Covered Wagons allows ratings

by:  Covered Wagons Lovers 

This category is for historical covered wagons. Restored ones preferred, but any covered wagon will do.

Art Vehicles allows ratings

by:  Vehicles on Display 

This category is for cars and trucks that have been turned into works of art.

Border Crossings allows ratings

by:  Border Crossing 

The purpose of this category is to notate places where one might travel from one state, province or county to another. These should be ‘official crossings’, not just a point along the border. . These would be either the border between countries, or between the primary geographical divisions within an individual country. (Note new changes, effective October 2009)

Outdoor Wind Harps allows ratings

by:  Outdoor Wind Harps Group 

Throughout the world large outdoor sculptures have been created that can generate notes of music if wind passes through them. I found one in San Francisco and created a virtual geocache for it. I have seen a few others on the internet and I thought it would be cool to have a category dedicated to them.

Musical Instruments allows ratings

by:  Globally Positioned Saxophones - Musical Instruments 

Know of a musical instrument on display? It could be the real thing (like what you would find at the Hard Rock Cafe) or a sculpture in a park.

Holiday Displays allows ratings

by:  Globally Positioned Saxophones 

Have you ever driven by a house that was all decked out for the holidays? Post it here! Any holiday light display (Christmas, Halloween, etc) can be listed in this category.

Pennsylvania Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Keystone State Historians 

Roadside historic markers are our windows to the past. They educate us, they make us curious to investigate, or they provide a nice excuse to take a break and stretch our legs while we read what happened here. Pennsylvania's historic marker program is a great way to learn the history of the Keystone State! See waymark creation and logging requirements below.

U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints allows ratings

by:  UK And Ireland Trigpoints Managers 

All survey marks or objects used by the UK Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI)

choose your Region from approved UK Region Map

McDonald's Restaurants allows ratings

by:  Ronald and Friends 

Any McDonald's restaurant location across the globe can be recorded here. It doesn't matter if it's a standalone building or a watered-down version sitting inside of a Home Depot. If you see the golden arches, post it here.

Murals allows ratings

by:  Murals Managers 

A mural is a painting, or other art media, such as tile, applied directly on a wall, ceiling, or other large permanent surface OR large art work permanently mounted for display to such surfaces.

Insect Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Following Entomology  

Sculptures of insects around the world.

Garage Door Art allows ratings

by:  Garage Door Art Managers 

Garage doors for autos with some kind of artwork over all or part of them or garage doors which form a part of a much larger piece of art located at commercial businesses or private property (please be respectful of private property). Garage doors containing random graffiti spraypainted on them do not qualify. Art can be either two or three dimensional.

Eagle Scout Project Sites allows ratings

by:  Eagle Scout Projects 

Showcasing the community service projects of Eagle Scout candidates around the world.

Out of Place Graves allows ratings

by:  Out of Place Graves 

This category is for those Graves that just don't belong where they are found. For instance it could be a Confederate General buried in the North or it could be a single grave in the middle of a residential neighborhood, they just don't belong there.

American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves allows ratings

by:  American Revolutionary War Veteran Graves 

They're the men who served our country before it was a country. They fought for our independence and lived and died for the cause of freedom. Let us honor their sacrifice by recording their final resting spots so others can visit them.

Living Statues allows ratings

by:  Living Statues Managers 

This is a place to document statues and monuments of real live, living people.

Classic BBQ and Sandwich Joints allows ratings

by:  bbq kings 

Independent businesses serving up quality BBQ, and well made sandwiches. No chain operators need apply here. Pictures are not required for inclusion into the category listing, but are strongly encouraged. Pictures of the actual food served are even better.

Summit Registers allows ratings

by:  Summit Registers Managers 

Summit registers are books left on the summit in waterproof containers, they contain the names and sometimes writings of the people who summited the mountian.

Mountain Summits

by:  Mountain Summits Managers 

The Mountain Summits category is intended to record the specific locations of distinct, noteworthy, significant natural mountain summits.

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