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Small Town, Big Name allows ratings

by:  Small Town, Big Name Managers 

Have you ever seen the grand cities of Europe? Rome with her Colosseum, Athens with her Parthenon, London with that big clock? You haven't? Well, neither have I. But if you've ever looked at a map of the rural parts of the US (and I know you have, otherwise you wouldn't be geocaching, would you?), you'll find a London here, a Vienna there, or even the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia.

Beach Huts allows ratings

by:  Beach Huts Managers 

Some beach huts are small places to change or make a hot drink, others are more lavish with electricity and water installed as well as sleeping areas. Some are owned by private individuals (including The Queen!), and others are owned by local councils are available for hire. GC9FCF

Where's In A Name? allows ratings

by:  Where's In A Name? Managers 

A cache site that moves around the globe, takes two to log, but can be done from home! Crusso, founder.

Greenwich Meridian Markers allows ratings

by:  Greenwich Meridian Markers 

A category for marking signs or objects that mark, or claim to mark, the Greenwich Meridian

Kissmobile and Co. Sightings allows ratings

by:  Kissmobile Grp 

Locating the Hershey's Kissmobile, Oscar Mayer's Wienermobile, Kraft Heinz's Nutmobile or L.L.Bean Bootmobile.

Georgia Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Georgia Historic Markers 

Seek out a Georgia Historical Marker. Record the coordinates, text, and a picture of the marker.

Fiberglass Horses allows ratings

by:  Fiberglass Horses Managers 

Horse statues have found a place for themselves in lively little corners of plush living rooms or a stately office of golf playing executives. A wide variety and forms of horse statues are available throughout the world e.g. horse busts, chariots, lamps war horses with a bridle, horse tables, wall decor etc. Statues depicting a farm horse or a racehorse in fiberglass are a favourite amongst horse-lovers too. This is the place for uniquely painted or decorated fiberglass horses in your community

Plank Roads allows ratings

by:  Plank Roads Category Managers 

The original idea for wooden Plank Roads came from Russia to Canada in the 1830’s and became, for a short time, a popular method of road construction spreading, in the 1840’s, to the US. Some disappeared, others are now just trails, many became paved roads but in many cases the name stuck and you can still find signs to indicate that the road was once a "Plank Road"

Atlas Statues allows ratings

by:  Atlas Statues 

Your mission is to find a statue that is of a human figure who is holding the world (not a clock)on his shoulders.

Minor League Baseball Stadiums

by:  minor league baseball stadium group 

This category is for listing minor league baseball stadiums.

Water Towers allows ratings

by:  Water Towers Management 

Is your town's water tower a Plain Jane or is it Picturesque. As we've traveled around the world we've seen some very pretty ones and some very plain ones. What's yours like? Please state the tower name along with the city state and country in the title and two different view pictures are required to post! (ONE CLOSE-UP AND ONE DISTANCE TO SHOW THE TOWER IN IT'S SETTING TO SHOW PERSPECTIVE.2 photos of the tower simply zoomed in or out will not be accepted.)

Relocated Structures allows ratings

by:  Relocated Structures Managers 

Find a structure that has been moved from one site to another. It can be a building, bridge, arch, or other man-made structure that has been relocated in its lifetime. Collect waypoints for both the CURRENT and ORIGINAL locations of the item. If it has moved multiple times, be sure to note all locations where it has been.

Botanical Gardens allows ratings

by:  Botanical Gardens Managers 

Go and visit your local Botanical Garden - A great way to find some peace & quiet in the city...

Lincoln Highway Markers allows ratings

by:  Lincoln Highway Markers Managers 

The Lincoln Highway was the first coast-to-coast "motor road" for automobiles in the US. Along the route there were/are many directional markers to guide travelers and many landmark structures built to shelter and service the motoring public. The mission of this locationless cache is to find and record as many of these markers and landmarks as possible.

Lavoir (wash houses) allows ratings

by:  Lavoir (wash houses) Managers 

[EN] Before the advent of affordable washing appliances, laundry was usually done in purpose-built wash houses. This is a place to post the locations of these public wash houses located around the world. [FR] Un lavoir est un bassin public alimenté en eau détournée d'une source ou d'un cours d'eau, en général couvert, où les lavandières lavaient le linge. L'utilisation des lavoirs a été progressivement abandonnée au XXe siècle.

Coastal Lighthouses allows ratings

by:  Historical Coastal Lighthouse Group 

Find a Lighthouse of Historical nature that was used to guide ships along the waterways of the world. Try to include the history of the light, including the lens used. DO NOT COPY TEXT OR PHOTOS FROM OTHER WEBSITES! MOST SITES ARE COPYRIGHTED AND IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO THIS.

Disguised Cell Towers allows ratings

by:  Disguised Cell Tower Seekers 

Locate a cellular tower that does not look like a typical tower. ONLY TOWERS THAT ARE DISGUISED WILL BE ACCEPTED! No towers that are color blended or just painted the same as the structure will be allowed.

Water Mills allows ratings

by:  Water Mills 

This category collect all water mills.

Airports allows ratings

by:  Air Traffic Controllers 

A tract of leveled land where aircraft can take off and land, usually equipped with hard-surfaced landing strips, a control tower, hangars, aircraft maintenance and refueling facilities, and accommodations for passengers and cargo. Also aircraft carries at sea are considered airports. ** Click on 'More Details' for posting and logging requirements **

Turtle Crossings allows ratings

by:  Turtle Crossings Crew 

Each spring adult female turtles around the world embark on a deadly journey key for the survival of their species. This journey takes them from their relatively safe aquatic and wetland habitats and sends them straight through a gauntlet of life threatening situations on their way to their final destination. By helping a turtle across the road and documenting here, you can show the world that you are doing your part to save the environment.

Ice Age Trail allows ratings

by:  Ice Age Trail Managers 

The goal of this waymark is to have waymarkers log their hikes with hopes of documenting hikes on every segment of the 600+ mile long Wisconsin Ice Age Trail System.

Appalachian Trail

by:  AT Waymark Management Group 

A hiking path in the eastern part of the United States extending about 3,298 km (2,050 mi) from Mount Katahdin in central Maine to Springer Mountain in northern Georgia. It is the world's longest continuous mountain trail. GCAC87

Moon Trees allows ratings

by:  Moon Trees Group 

*2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon Trees* This category is devoted to documenting specific trees grown from seeds that traveled to the moon and back during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

Active Quarries allows ratings

by:  Active Quarries Managers 

An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.

Ancient Aqueducts allows ratings

by:  Ancient Aqueducts Engineers 

Any type of aqueduct built to provide water to villages, cities and communities. It can be an aerial aqueduct, an underground aqueduct, a surface aqueduct or a mix of all types. They brought us water, now they brings us our history. Update: irrigation canals are accepted too.

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