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Infamous Crime Scenes allows ratings

by:  Infamous Crime Scenes Managers 

Locations of specific famous criminal acts.

Swimming Holes

by:  Swimming Hole Mongers 

Places that you can either walk, hike or drive to to cool off in the hot summer afternoon.

Karaoke Bars allows ratings

by:  Japanese Singing Canaries 

This category goes out to all of you ladies (and gents) who love to belt it out rock-star style, even if you can't carry a tune. If the location offers up regular karaoke, post it here!

Vertical Lift Bridges

by:  Bridges 

Your task is to locate Vertical Lift Bridges, anywhere in the world.

Gender Separated Entrances allows ratings

by:  Gender Separated Entrances Managers 

A search for buildings with separate entrances for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Native American Trail Trees allows ratings

by:  Native American Trail Trees group 

Trail trees are trees that were modified by the American Aboriginal peoples in order to signify trails, campsites, or special locations (water supply, food, safety, etc.). Often these were oak saplings that are given a unique bend, usually pointed in the direction of the point of interest.

Sphinx Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Sphinx Manager Group 

Locate a sculpture, building, or anything that resembles the famous Egyptian or Greek figures.

Must be on public display.

"A Sphinx is an iconic image of a recumbent lion with a human head, invented by the Egyptians of the Old Kingdom, but a cultural import in archaic Greek mythology, where it received its name (Greek Sf???, "strangler"). The best known is the Great Sphinx of Giza."

Ohio Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  OHM Managers 

The Buckeye state has a rich history. Ohio is dotted over 1,300 of these large metal historical marker signs, each giving a glimpse into our past with a short history lesson.

Simulacra allows ratings

by:  Simulacra Managers 

Simulacra are inanimate objects - usually stones, rock walls, old tree trunks, plants, patches of peeling paint, rust spots, and so on that have uncanny resemblances to inanimate things. Often tricks of light and shadow make these objects fleeting, and hard to see again.

Themed Homemade Mailboxes allows ratings

by:  Mailbox Connoisseurs 

This Category is basically for homemade mailboxes, they may be funny or unique but not commercially available even tho they might have been modified to give them a somewhat different appearance. If they are regular mailboxes that have been substantially modified to give them a "Unique" individual look they might also be accepted. If in doubt an "Officer Review" vote will be called. MAILBOXES ONLY! NO POSTS OR SUPPORTS!

Old World Originals allows ratings

by:  Old World Originals Managers 

The goal of this category is to look for the original Old World (eg Europe) places which gave rise to major New World (eg Canadian) locations.

Quonset Huts allows ratings

by:  Quonset Hut 

Quonset huts - those icons of WWII American ingenuity - can still be seen all over the world... although they aren't always immediately recognizable! Your mission: find one and tell us how it's being used today!

Topiaries allows ratings

by:  Topiaries Managers 

Document the topiary art you find in your daily travels or vacations around the world!

Fire Fighting Vehicles allows ratings

by:  Fire/Rescue 

All possible vehicles which are used by fighting fires.

Foucault Pendulums allows ratings

by:  Foucault Pendulums Managers 

A Foucault Pendulum may look like it's just a swinging ball, but it's actually demonstrating the rotation of the earth!

Octagon Buildings allows ratings

by:  Octagon Buildings Managers 

Eight-sided buildings are found the around the world in a wide variety of structures -- lighthouses in Florida, water towers in Germany, homes in Wisconsin and shops in New Zealand. Let's see your octagonal building find!

Medal Of Honor Resting Places allows ratings

by:  Medal Of Honor Resting Places Managers 

Locate the resting place of one of approximately 3400 Americans who have received the nations highest award for valor: The Medal of Honor.

Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments allows ratings

by:  Vietnam POW/MIA Monuments Managers 

The purpose of this waymark category is to honor and remember those listed as Prisoners of War or Missing in Action.

Drive-In Movie Theaters allows ratings

by:  Drive-In Movie Theaters Managers 

The Big Picture: As indoor multiplexis multiply, the screen sizes shrink, & prices climb; audiences wreary of this rampant commercialism are rediscovering 'Drive-Ins'. Drive-Ins provide romantic & nostalgic alternatives under the stars; have larger screens, snack bar menus, & usually 2 sometimes 3 movies for the price of 1 . Yet, Drive-Ins offer an experience & an opportunity for us that is more than meerly seeing a movie on the BiG screen. It is about seeing the larger picture.

Luftwaffe Radar Ruins allows ratings

by:  Luftwaffe Radar Ruins Managers 

During World War II, German Luftwaffe (air force) built air defence radar and communication stations as part of "the Atlantikwall" A line of defense against the allied forces. Most of the sites have been demolished, but remains can still be found all over Europe (mainly the coastline countries) More info on the Luftwaffe Radar Ruins and the Atlantikwall can be found here:

Pedestrian Suspension Bridges allows ratings

by:  Pedestrian Suspension Bridges Managers 

This waymark category is for the type of pedestrian bridge which is suspended by cables. They can also be known as swinging bridges as the smaller ones swing and bounce when you walk over them!

Old Tractors allows ratings

by:  Old Tractors Managers 

This waymark is for old farm/industrial tractors that are separated into two major categories: Internal Combustion engines (either gas, diesel, kerosene, etc) or External Combustion engines (Steam engines burning any fuel type).

Working Water Wheels allows ratings

by:  Working Water Wheels Managers 

This category is for those locations where a wheel propelled by falling or running water may be used to run machinery or decoration.

Jazz Clubs allows ratings

by:  Globally Positioned Saxophones - Jazz Clubs 

If I was visiting your area, where could I go to listen to live Jazz? The more saxophones in the band the better ;)

Musician Statues allows ratings

by:  Globally Positioned Saxophones - Musician Statues 

Find a famous musician that has been immortalized as a statue. How famous? Well, if he or she is famous enough to have a statue bearing his or her likeness...I think you have your answer.

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