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Latvian Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Latvian geocachers 

This type of waymarks allows you to register benchmarks located in Latvia. Šis ceļazīmju tips ļauj reģistrēt Latvijā esošos ģeodēziskos punktus.

Artistically Decorated Utility Boxes allows ratings

by:  Utility Box Art Seekers 

To locate artistically decorated utility, electrical, and traffic signal boxes.

Electric Palm Trees allows ratings

by:  The Amperage Arborists 

Not to be confused with rotospheres, or fireworks trees, they're Electric Palm Trees. Please read the expanded description.

State Park Passport Locations allows ratings

by:  Customs Agents 

Places where you can obtain collectible stamps, cancellations, or other proof-of-visitation from state, provincial, municipal or non-profit parks or protected areas. 20 States/provinces represented so far: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Manitoba, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Juice and Smoothie Bars

by:  Juicy 

A category to waymark chain and indie juice and smoothie bars around the world.

Human Error

by:  To Err is Human 

Showcasing those times things just didn't go as planned, or when the plan was flawed.

Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields allows ratings

by:  Paintball Fields and Parks 

Around the world in the last few years Paintball "games" are held on a regular basis. The purpose of this category is to find and document those locations.

E85 Fuel Pumps

by:  E85 Fuel Pumps 

Category created to discover the location of E85 fueling pumps. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

Non-Coastal Boardwalks  allows ratings

by:  Boardwalks 

This category is for waymarking elevated boardwalks that run through fresh water swamps, marshes and other such areas. It is not for waymarking boardwalks that are found by the ocean.

Thai Restaurants

by:  Tom Yum 

A category to waymark Thai restaurants around the world.

Bottle Sculptures

by:  Poor Man's Stained Glass 

This group looks to waymark artistic oddities using colorful glass bottles. These include bottle trees, spirit catchers, sculpture, and buildings made out of glass bottles.

Dedicated Trees

by:  Dedicated Trees 

A category to waymark trees dedicated to specific people.

Illuminated School Sports Fields  allows ratings

by:  Friday Night Lights 

We are looking for those places where high school or secondary schools play football or soccer primarily under the lights. This can be school, community, or city fields.

Drawing Waymarks

by:  Starving Artists 

How did waymarkers waymark in the Middle Ages? They sketched on parchment after marking coordinates with their... olde handheldth GPS receivers... Okay, you got me. Waymarking isn't that old. This is a game that has waymarkers drawing locations instead of taking photographs of them. (note: be sure to read the expanded description for requirements and restrictions)

Relief Art Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Relief Art Curators 

Locate and waymark all Relief Art Sculptures throughout the world, starting in your own town! (Note: Reliefs that form part of an object that falls into another category are no longer accepted). The relief MUST be a stand-alone piece of art -- not attached to or forming part of an object that can be submitted in another category (such as Frieze Art, all statue categories, all sculpture categories and any other category where relief artwork is part of a broader piece of work).

Frieze Art

by:  Frieze Framers 

This category's mission is to waymark buildings with Frieze Art in their architecture.

Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses

by:  Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses 

A category to waymark the Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses around the world.

Accessible-Designed Recreational Locations

by:  People in Motion 

Across the world new recreational options are being constructed to meet the needs of those with accessibility impairments. These locations can be documented here!

Fish and Chips Restaurants

by:  Malt and Salt 

Restaurants whose only or primary meal is fish and chips. From "Long John Silvers" and "Arthur Treacher's" to family or independently owned and operated locations that fry up fish for their hungry patrons.


by:  AMVETS  

AMVETS (American Veterans) Organization Posts.

Jimmy Buffett

by:  Parrotheads 

Jimmy Buffett is a singer-songwriter, author, businessman and subculture icon that's fueled the subtropic daydreams of parrotheads worldwide. Waymark locations that are dedicated and relevant to Jimmy Buffett and his music.

Bait Shops allows ratings

by:  MVCA Goes Waymarking 

Everyone who has ever picked up a fishing pole has at one time or another strolled through a bait shop. Large or small they all have one thing in common, they all sell bait for fishing. In order to qualify for this category your shop must sell bait.

LEED Buildings

by:  The LEEDers 

The purpose of this Category is to Waymark Buildings with one of four levels (e.g. Bronze/Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) Certification.

Auto Clubs

by:  Travel Bugs 

Auto Club offices and centers world-wide that are part of the "Show Your Card" network, such as the AAA Auto Clubs in the U.S. and the ARC affiliated clubs in Europe.

Presbyterian Churches

by:  Presbyters 

Presbyterian Church buildings of all Presbyterian denominations.

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