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Canadian Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Canadian Benchmarks 

Canadian Benchmarks will include several types of permanently fixed survey markers, monuments or other devices that are used for taking accurate measurements within Canada.

Australian Trig Points allows ratings

by:  Australian Trig Points 

This category waymarks Australian survey markers known as trig or trigonometrical stations.

Australia/NZ Benchmarks

by:  Australia/NZ Benchmarks 

This category is for logging permanent survey marks throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Southern African Trig Beacons allows ratings

by:  Southern African Trig Beacons 

This category is for waymarking Southern African Trig Beacons. Specifically formal trig beacons of the style used for former British colonies, and applies to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

U.S. Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Recovered US Benchmarks 

This waymark category is for waymarking and logging any benchmarks recovered in the U.S. and other U.S. territories only.

U.S. Historic Survey Stones and Monuments allows ratings

by:  Historic Survey Stones and Monuments 

This category is for non-disk monuments located in the United States whose position was established by surveying.

Walt Disney World Benchmarks

by:  Walt Disney World Resort Benchmark Managers 

Survey marks placed by Disney surveyors at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The Walt Disney World Resort includes the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom theme parks; the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks; Downtown Disney; about two dozen hotels; and other areas. Please see “Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks” for Disney survey marks in California.

Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks

by:  Disneyland Resort Benchmark Managers 

Survey marks placed by Disney surveyors at the Disneyland Resort in California. The Disneyland Resort includes the Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure theme parks, Downtown Disney, and three hotels. Please see “Walt Disney World Benchmarks” for Disney survey marks in Florida.

Greenwich Meridian Markers allows ratings

by:  Greenwich Meridian Markers 

A category for marking signs or objects that mark, or claim to mark, the Greenwich Meridian

Latin American Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Latin America Benchmarks 

To create a category for recording and categorizing permanent benchmarks, survey points, and monuments in any Latin American country. This would exclude survey nails, ties, and small disks since these are temporary.

Azimuth Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Azimuth Marks 

Azimuth marks associated with's benchmarks need a place to be waymarked and logged. These marks are associated with Survey Disks, Triangulation Station Disks, and Horizontal Control Disks and are a great challenge to find. Azimuth marks typically are not associated with, "Benchmark Disks, Vertical Control Disks, or Metal Rods." These types of marks if not already listed on can be logged under the "Recovered US Benchmarks" category.


by:  Cairn Seekers 

Cairns are purposly placed significant mounds of rocks placed as locations of memorial, spiritual protection or for prayer. They are generally built loose without mortar, but are on occasion reinforced in modern years to aid their survival. Modern cairns are erected as memorials & prayer markers for loved ones lost, these of course have a place here. Small casual groupings of stones placed by travelers will not be considered, cairns must be significant and set to stand the test of time

U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints allows ratings

by:  UK And Ireland Trigpoints Managers 

All survey marks or objects used by the UK Ordnance Survey, Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland (OSNI) <br> PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS A FACILITY TO SUGGEST CHANGES TO WAYMARKS, THE UK WAYMARKERS WOULD PREFER IF YOU EMAILED THEM DIRECT IF ANY CHANGES TO THEIR WAYMARKS ARE NEEDED. THANK YOU. <P> <A HREF=""target= _blank">choose your Region from approved UK Region Map</a>

WPA Projects

by:  WPA Supervisors 

On May 6, 1935, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to employ the millions of Americans left unemployed by economic depression. This category is to waymark the projects created by the people employed by the WPA agency.

Danish Benchmarks

by:  Danish Benchmarkers 

Trigonometric points placed in Denmark. Both "modern" anchors and milestone types (postamenter).

Milestones allows ratings

by:  Milestone Managers 

Old solid roadside markers indicating destinations and/or the distance to travel there.

French Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  BenchMarkeurs Français 

!!! La Chasse aux Repères Français - The French Benchmarks Hunting !!!

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