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Guest Books  allows ratings

by:  GuestBookers 

This category waymarks Guest or Visitors Books that are publicly accessible

Used Book Stores allows ratings

by:  Used Book Stores 

This waymarking category will mark the locations of used book stores all over the world.

There's a Book About It allows ratings

by:  Book Hunters 

It's bookmarking! The goal is to mark distinct locations that have an entire book written about them. Each mark is for an individual book.

Free Community Book Exchanges allows ratings

by:  Little Free Librarians 

<b>*Category Update 8/5/18* (read the expanded description below for more details).</b> The mission of the Free Community Book Exchanges category is to seek out any and all locations that exist in communities across the globe where free books are offered to the public to borrow, return, exchange with other books, etc. Most exchanges operate on the 'take a book, leave a book' policy.

Comic Book Shops

by:  Comic Book Shops 

This is a category to help all those folks needing to find some comics while out with the GPSr!

Bookcrossing Zones allows ratings

by:  Bookcrossing Zones Managers 

"Releasing your books 'into the wild' and tracking their progress and the lives they touch is just more fascinating, and more fulfilling, than hoarding them on a shelf somewhere." This is the place to keep track of the drop of zones.

1000 Places to See Before You Die

by:  The Bucket List Brigade 

Help us build a waymarking "Bucket List" of sites, cities, and experiences as indexed in travel writer Patricia Schultz's bestselling books, "1000 Places To See Before You Die: A Traveler's Life List."

Trail Registers allows ratings

by:  Trail Registers 

Trail registers are log books placed at various locations along long hiking trails. They are places where hikers can sign their name and share their stories with the community.

NPS Passport Cancellation Stations

by:  National Park Stampers 

NPS park locations where you can have your Passport to your National Parks Book stamped.

Independent Bookstores

by:  indiebookstore-fans 

This category was created to waymark the independent bookstores left in the world.

Moomins allows ratings

by:  Moomin club 

Year 2010 is the 65th anniversary of the release of "The Moomins and the Great Flood", the first of the Moomin books writen by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Waymarking goal of this category is to promote knowledge of Moomins by finding Moomin characters around the world! See below for details.

It's All About Tintin

by:  It's all about Tintin 

The Adventures of Tintin by the cartoonist Hergé is one of the most popular and beloved comics in Europe and is popular in many other countries of the world as well. This category seeks to find locations, sculptures and other items connected with the Tintin stories and characters.

Summit Registers allows ratings

by:  Summit Registers Managers 

Summit registers are books left on the summit in waterproof containers, they contain the names and sometimes writings of the people who summited the mountian.

Chronograms allows ratings

by:  Chronograms 

This category is looking for chronograms from around the world. They must be part of a permanent structure, sign or plaque (not in a book of your local library) and on public display.

Libraries allows ratings

by:  Libraries Managers 

A listing of active libraries from around the world!

Literary Sites

by:  Literary Sites 

<i>New management and new requirements as of July 6, 2011</i> <br><br> Locations crucial to fictional literary works are interesting when the real world meets the imaginary world.

Dead Poets' Society Memorials allows ratings

by:  Dead Poets' Society Memorials Managers 

Monuments, memorials, or other sites (e.g., graves) honoring a poet, or other author, including playwrights, song writers and lyricists, of national or international significance.

Guinness World Records

by:  Guinness World Records 

This category is to identify Guinness World Records that have been accomplished.

Angel of Hope Statues allows ratings

by:  The Christmas Box - Angel of Hope Statues 

To catalog and document all of the world-wide Angel of Hope Statues.

Renaissance Fairs allows ratings

by:  Renaissance Fairs Managers 

A Renaissance Fair or Renaissance Festival is an outdoor gathering, ostensibly focused on recreating life as it was during the Renaissance.

Weird Story Locations allows ratings

by:  Weird Story Locations 

Every community has them: those weird little stories of ghosts, bogymen, things that go bump in the night and just plain strange happenings and humans. Share your stories with the world through this Waymark category!

Interesting Intersection Names allows ratings

by:  Interesting Intersections 

Intersections where the names of crossing streets create a famous name, title, opposites, a pair, or a phrase.

James Bond - 007

by:  M.I.6 

For marking locations related to the world's most famous spy and his creator, Ian Fleming.

Realistic Object Sculptures

by:  Still Life with Woodpecker 

This category is to waymark artistic sculptures of realistic objects. Please no sculptures of animals.

Church of Christ Scientist allows ratings

by:  Church Scientists 

This category is to waymark locations of current and former Church of Christ Scientist buildings.

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