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World War I Sites

by:  WWI Sites 

To create a category that documents, records, and catalogues historic sites and objects related to The Great War. This category is not intended for World War I monuments and memorials (as that is a separate category). Instead, this is meant to categorize sites vital and of historic interest to the war. See our expanded description for more details.

Italian Cultural Heritage

by:  Italia 

[IT] Waymark i Beni Culturali d'Italia. [EN] Waymark the Cultural Heritage of Italy.

Elevated Buildings

by:  Above the Ground 

Elevated buildings are those which, for myriad reasons, were constructed with the desire that they not be in contact with Terra Firma. They may occur in various forms, the predominant one being that of a relatively small building elevated well above the earth by posts or columns. These may be elevated caches, granaries or warehouses constructed for storage of food or supplies, fishing huts, bird watching or hunting blinds, or fire lookout towers.

Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers

by:  Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers 

The goal of this category is to waymark [b]Unique Artistic Door Handles and Knockers[/b]. We are NOT looking for ordinary everyday door handles and knockers, which can be found in any city around the world many times. See the expanded Description for details and examples.

Wooden Church Artefacts

by:  Wooden Church Artefacts 

This category is for wooden artefacts - Objects can be entered in this category from within and around churches and other places of worship. We are looking for "unusual" and interesting objects, and prefer not to be a category of duplicate waymarks.

Little Free Pantry

by:  Feed My Sheep 

A Little Free Pantry, Blessing Box, or by any other name is what this category is looking for. The idea is simple. The box is a miniature food pantry -- receiving items from those who want to donate, and offering it to those who need them. The most common design is that of the Free Little Library - a post mounted wooden box with a door to protect the contents from the elements. Inside is placed non perishable food items.

Counting and Measuring Displays

by:  Counting and Measuring Displays 

This category is looking for counting and measuring displays from around the world. They must be permanent and visible from public ground.

Lychgates and Depositories

by:  The Lych Mob 

Originally Lychgates were a covered gateway used as the temporary resting place for a casket or corpse awaiting burial. They generally were located at a cemetery or church to provide protection from the elements. Depositories, though differing in appearance and placement, served essentially the same purpose.

Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings

by:  Man-made Animal Bridges and Crossings 

The mission of this group is to seek out any man-made animal bridges and crossings that aid various wildlife in getting from point A to point B. We are particularly looking for earth bridges over highways and roads, bodies of water, as well as tunnels and corridors under highways and roads.

Chronograms allows ratings

by:  Chronograms 

This category is looking for chronograms from around the world. They must be part of a permanent structure, sign or plaque (not in a book of your local library) and on public display.

Caritas Internationalis

by:  Caritas 

Caritas Internationalis is confederation of over 160 members who are working in almost every country of the world. All organizations members of the Caritas Internationalis are to be Waymarked in this Category.

Belgium Monument Registers

by:  Belgium Historical Markers 

[ENG] Record monuments, properties, and protected sites in Belgium and normally marked with an official logo [FR] Publier les monuments, propriétés et zones protégées en Belgique et pourvu normalement d’un logo officiel [NL] Publiceer de monumenten, eigendommen en beschermde gebieden in België en normaal voorzien van een officieel logo [DE] Veröffentlichen Sie die Denkmäler, Grundstücke und Schutzgebiete in Belgien und normalerweise auch ein offizielles Logo enthalten

Bicycle Repair Stations

by:  Bike Mechanics 

This category seeks modern self-service Bicycle Repair Stations placed all around the world in public places.

Ground Based Air Navigation Support Structures

by:  Navaid Searchers 

Widely unknown to the broader public, there are thousands of stations all over the world that help airplanes to safely find their destination. This is the place to record them.

Doves of peace

by:  Doves of peace Managers 

The dove is considered a symbol of peace. The Dove of Peace has both religious symbolism and political symbolism in peace movements in the world.

Watershed Markers and Monuments

by:  Watersheds 

This category looks for markers and monuments which belong to Watersheds/Divides.

Advertising Columns allows ratings

by:  Advertizers 

Look for advertising columns, columns fixed to the earth and used for temporary and varied advertisements.

Cemetery Chapels

by:  Cemetery Chapels Caretakers 

Identify chapels within the property area of a cemetery. These chapels provide a place for families to gather at the cemetery, out of the weather, to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Radio and Television Transmitter Towers

by:  Global Transmitters 

This category collects commercially-licensed Radio and Television transmitter towers/antennas around the world. Military and non-public government agency transmitter towers/antennas are excluded.

Australian Heritage Sites

by:  Australian Heritage Sites 

To find and document locations that are officially listed by the respective authorities in Australia.


by:  Petit Passe-Temps 

This category is seeking hourglasses and clepsydras around the world, anywhere they may be found and visited. We will accept physical hourglasses, sculptures of hourglasses, paintings or works of art featuring hourglasses -- anything permanently at a particular location, and on public display.

Flags of the World

by:  Flags of the World 

This category is looking for country Flags of the World. Country flags are a part of our current culture but also a part of our cultural heritage. Flags are used all over the world.

Legacy of Medieval Spiritual Warriors

by:  The Monks of War 

Identifying sites related to the history, remains and works of military chivalric orders and other warrior classes having spiritual influences and roots in Medieval history such as the Samurais.


by:  Pigeon Squadron 

The purpose of this category is to discover the incredible variety of these pigeon houses that were built by humans from historic times to the present day throughout the world.

Household Appliances and Presses

by:  Household Appliances and Presses  

The Household Appliances and Presses category is for large, free-standing household appliances made before 1940 exclusively for home use. We are looking for the big and bulky machines our mothers and grandmothers used for big household chores, such as washing clothes, preparing meals, transforming raw ingredients into food, the converting of textiles into clothing, rugs and similar items and the development of fiber.

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