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Creating unique waymarks for each marked burial in as many cemeteries as possible, allowing people conducting genealogical research to know the GPS location of their ancestors and other relatives who have passed on.
Expanded Description:
Marked graves
Instructions for Posting a Genealogy Waymark:
As much detailed information as possible regarding the individual. Most important are the individual's name and their birth and death dates.

Secondarily, Information about the burial marker - particularly any inscriptions.

The Name field for waymarks for individuals should include the following (as available):
* Individual's Name (or "Unknown" if not available or illegible)
* Name of Cemetery where Interred
* Marker code (for example: marker #1 in Johnson Station Cemetery would be JSC-0001)
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Are you a relative or descendant of the individual? We'd love to hear from you!

Do you have any further information about this individual?

If you visit, please do your best to leave his or her resting place looking nicer than when you arrived. Some of the older sites are not as well (or often) maintained as the more contemporary sites.

In addition, please refrain from making a rubbing of the marker - this can damage the stone, particularly on those made from softer materials like limestone.
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  • Name on Marker
  • Birth Date
  • Death Date
  • Inscription
  • Type of Marker
  • Individual or Joint Marker
  • Marker Height (cm)
  • Marker Thickness (cm)
  • Marker Width (cm)
  • Grave orientation: Foot direction
  • Grave orientation: Inscription
  • Family plot association
  • Family Name
  • Boundary Type
  • Family Stone Marker
  • Plot length (meters)
  • Plot width (meters)
  • Marker Design Features