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Counting and Measuring Displays
This category is looking for counting and measuring displays from around the world. They must be permanent and visible from public ground.
Expanded Description:

Counting and measuring displays provide us with numbers of local, national or worldwide interest. Examples:

  • Local: The number of cyclists that pass a certain spot, the amount of energy collected in a solar power station, etc.
  • National: The debts of a country, the number of inhabitants of a country, etc.
  • Worldwide: The number of land mine victims worldwide, the days until Chernobyl can be repopulated safely, the number of worldwide species that became extinct this year etc.

What we are looking for are technical displays (LCD, LED, ...), not static signs with numbers that are changed manually every now and then. There are two (technically) different kinds of counting/measuring displays:

  • "Realistic counters", that count something in realtime (e.g. cyclists that pass a certain spot)
  • "Mathematical counters", that use some kind of statistical or other data to calculate the numbers (e.g. the number of worldwide victims of land mines will be determined based on data collected in the past).

Both kinds will be accepted.

Counting/Measuring displays

Counting/Measuring displays - contrary to countdowns - show a number that informs about the amount, size, volume ... of something. These numbers can increase and/or decrease, depending on their nature. So, a counting display that goes up and down can still be valid for this category.

Also, there will be displays that count from some certain moment on (e.g. the moment the display is installed) without any defined end. And some displays will count for a certain period of time (e.g. the current year) or from one event (e.g. an accident) to the next.

However, not all counting/measuring displays will be accepted. The main focus of the category is on displays which present the development of interesting numerical data, rather than data with little variation over an extended period. When posting a new waymark, ask yourself "Is this display interesting enough to tell the world about it?" and if the answer is yes, go ahead.

Explicit exclusions:

  • Any display that might be or has been listed in one of the following categories:
  • Any display that doesn't provide comparable numbers over a longer period, like (but not limited to) scoreboards on sports facilities, elevator displays etc.
  • Any business/sales related counting display, like (but not limited to) gas station pump displays, number of free parking lots in a parking area, money exchange rates or prices for noble metals etc. Displays, that for example show the number of days since the last accident in a company are not considered being business/sales related and therefore accepted, as long as they are not installed for a limited time (e.g. a construction site).
  • Any display that is used primarily by workers, custodians, managers or other staff to monitor operational parameters, with only incidental provision of public information.

If the display includes one (or more) of the above, but also other informative numbers (for example: a digital River Gauge display that not only shows the current height of the water, but also the speed of the water and/or the number of gallons/liters that have flown in a certain time period etc.), it will of course be accepted.

Countdown displays

Countdown displays show time units that are left before a certain event takes place or some kind of status is reached. Therefore countdowns are temporary by design. As we're looking for waymarks that are valid for a long time, every countdown display in this category has to meet the following criteria:

The countdown's end has to be 5 or more years in the future or it has to be a long-term countdown that is continiously running and reset no more than once a year. This eliminates for example:

  • countdowns at traffic lights that indicate the time until the lights will turn green etc.
  • countdowns to an event (festival, sporting event, opening of a museum, ...) that will take place once in the near future
Instructions for Posting a Counting and Measuring Displays Waymark:


At least two photos are required:

One closeup photo of the display, where the numbers on the display are clearly readable. This should be the default photo. If the numbers can't be shown in one photo (e.g. number A on front side and number B on back side or alternating numbers), upload more than one closeup photo to make sure, that every number is visible.

The second photo should show the display in its surroundings.


The name of new waymark should start with "Counting display" or "Countdown", followed by the name or a description of the display and its location. Generally this should be the city/town, state and/or country - whatever is appropriate to its location.


Counting display "Sonnenstrom" (solar power) - Amstetten, Austria

Counting display "Cyclists Today" on Market Street - San Francisco, CA

Countdown "Chernobyl safe again" - Wien, Austria


Provide a short description that describes the type of data that is displayed.

The long description should describe the data on the display more thoroughly. Is the counting starting new every year/day/... or is it an 'endless' counter? Who installed/owns/runs this display (a power plant, a school, a company, the city,...)? Does it show real numbers or rather calculated ones? Sometimes, this will be not that easy to determine, but sometimes it will be clear. Adding the numbers at the time that the photos were taken, is optional, but very handy, if for example the numbers are spread over several photos.

The long description has to contain at least two senctences written by the waymark owner. Make sure that it contains English text. More languages are highly appreciated and will make the waymark more interesting for local waymarkers.

Make sure that quotations are either written in italics or put in quotation marks and add the source of them.


Date of Your Photos: Provide the day, on which your photos of the display were taken. If you don't know the exact day, maybe reading the EXIF data can help or make an educated guess, but let others know that it's a guess in the long description.

Website: If you know of a website, that shows all or part of the numbers in realtime or at least updated on a more or less regular basis (e.g. the website of a power station that shows the actual amount of produced energy), you can improve the quality of your waymark by filling this variable.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Post a closeup photo of the display or include the numbers of the display in the Comment field of your visit.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
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  • Website
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Image for Counting Display Flagermus -  Mønsted, Danmarkview gallery

here0 km

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Counting and Measuring DisplaysCounting Display Flagermus - Mønsted, Danmark

in Counting and Measuring Displays

15000 bats live in Mønsted limestone mines. At the entrance to the mines, the bats' entries and departures are counted. This can be read on a display

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Walking Boots

location: Denmark

date approved: 5/17/2022

last visited: never

Image for Counting Display "Cyclists today and this year" - Aarhus, DKview gallery

SESE72.9 km

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Counting and Measuring DisplaysCounting Display "Cyclists today and this year" - Aarhus, DK

in Counting and Measuring Displays

On the Hans Broges Gade in Aarhus, you will find this cyclist counter.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member T-Team!

location: Denmark

date approved: 9/7/2021

last visited: never

Image for Trafiktæller - Odins Bro - Odense, Danmarkview gallery

SESE137.9 km

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Counting and Measuring DisplaysTrafiktæller - Odins Bro - Odense, Danmark

in Counting and Measuring Displays

Optælling af cykler og biler på Odins Bro ... Counting bicycles and cars on Odin's Bridge

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Walking Boots

location: Denmark

date approved: 8/24/2020

last visited: never

Image for Tak fordi du cykler - Odense, Denmarkview gallery

SESE141.3 km

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Counting and Measuring DisplaysTak fordi du cykler - Odense, Denmark

in Counting and Measuring Displays

Tak fordi du cykler. Elektronisk tælleapparat på Rødegårdsvej i Odense. Tælleren viser, hvor mange cykler, der har været i dag. Og hvor mange cykler, der har været hele året samlet.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Klabautermanden

location: Denmark

date approved: 1/31/2021

last visited: never

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