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Atlas Statues
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Managed By: Icon Here Atlas Statues
Your mission is to find a statue that is of a human figure who is holding the world (not a clock)on his shoulders.

Expanded Description:
Any statue that is in the form of a person holding the "World On His Shoulders" or lifting the world above the head of the statue and that can be observed in a public place may be designated as a waymark in this category. The statue may be made of any material, conventional or abstract but must be distinguishable as a human holding the world or universe (not a clock). There are three Atlas clocks grandfathered in to the log but as of 9/11/2011, they will no longer be exceptable.
Instructions for Posting a Atlas Statues Waymark:
Requirements for posting are that you need to post a current picture of the statue, the GPS coordinates and/or the close physical location (street, park, building etc.) and city/town of the statue.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Anyone who seeks and finds any or all of the statues must post two pictures of the statue, one just of the statue and the second with either themselves and a GPS unit or themselves with another form of identification showing current date and time for proof of genuine visit. Any and all logs deemed not legitimate visits will be denied and/or deleted.
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