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Fire Lookouts
Managed By: Icon Here Fire Watchmen
This category's objective is to waymark the many publicly accessible fire lookouts that exist worldwide, both in use as well as those that may have been abandoned, converted to another use, moved to another location, or simply dormant (for lack of funding). Some fire lookouts can even be rented out!
Expanded Description:
Wrap Text around Image Fire Lookouts exist all over the world. They can be free-standing structures made of wood, metal or even stone. They can also be part of the terrain itself, i.e., carved into the side of a cliff. Fire lookouts provide an important service through the individuals who man them, keeping watch over the landscape around them, looking for any hint of smoke rising which could signal a potentially destructive fire.

This category is seeking submissions of publicly accessible fire lookouts in current use, abandoned, converted to other uses, lying dormant or have been relocated to a different area to serve as public displays. This category will also accept dismantled fire lookouts that still contain remnants of their former glory, i.e., concrete footings, guy-wire mounting points, etc.

Wrap Text around Image There are websites devoted to fire lookouts from all over the world. For example, the United States has two websites which place fire lookouts in a National Historic Lookout Register for both current and former lookouts. You can find out whether a fire lookout you're waymarking is registered as a current National Historic Lookout by visiting or is listed as a former Fire Lookout by visiting There is also a World Lookout Register within the National Historic Lookout website in which many fire lookouts can be searched for from various countries. Visit the World Lookout Register and see if a fire lookout exists in your country! Hopefully in time, the administrators on the above-mentioned websites will use future waymarks to this category as evidence to update their National Registries. They are always looking for people to register a new fire lookout as a Historic Lookout. Perhaps you can be one of them!

PLEASE... If you discover a Fire Lookout register or database that should be included in this category, message one of the category officers and we will do our best to include it here.

SPECIAL NOTE: While the details outlined in our category description and the requirements listed in the posting instructions cover the MINIMUM elements and standards for all waymarks in this category, each waymark will also be evaluated by a volunteer reviewer for overall quality and appropriateness. If a reviewer deems that there are deficiencies in some aspect of the waymark, the waymark may be either declined or accepted with request for changes and/or additions in either content or format.

Each waymark will be evaluated on its own merits. We will endeavor to be reasonable and flexible while maintaining the quality standards for the category. If there is a disagreement, try to work it out with the evaluating officer, or appeal to the group leader, but we reserve the right to accept or decline a waymark based on our best judgement.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. Because of our international scope, we also acknowledge ENGLISH as our lingua franca. English will create the highest level of accessibility globally. All waymarks must have at least a short description in ENGLISH. We encourage bilingual and multilingual waymarks, but one of the languages must be English. We have volunteer translators to help.

Relying on software or internet based translators, such as Babylon and Google Translate, may NOT yield accurate translations that are intelligible. Use these only when there is no alternative. Although we do not expect grammatical perfection, a waymark may be declined if there the English language is not understandable.

Instructions for Posting a Fire Lookouts Waymark:
1. The waymark MUST be accessible in a public place and not on a private residence or on private property. Keep in mind that many fire lookouts are not accessible for visitors and no attempt should be made to trespass on private property without authorization from the property owner!

2. Provide accurate coordinates.

3.Two Photos: You must upload a photo of the fire lookout itself to the waymark page using either the default photo option or HTML. A second photo of the area near the waymark must be added to the gallery.

4. Additional photos on the waymark page itself are encouraged but not required. If you do not know how to place a photo on the page using HTML, and would like to dress up your waymark submission, members of the Fire Watchmen group will be glad to help you with the process.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
A MINIMUM of one photo of the fire lookout is required to log a visit. Additional photos of the fire lookout, especially ones that might add to the history or reputation of the lookout, are HIGHLY encouraged! Photos with you or your GPS are not required but would help in proving that you visited a particular waymark.
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