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Son's of the American Revolution Plaques and Monuments
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Son's of the American Revolution Plaques and Monuments are a little harder to find. These type of plaques and monuments usually say the son's of the american revolution on the plaque. The society claims a membership of 26,000 members in over 470 chapters in 50 state societies in the United States, as well as branches in Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and many more!
Expanded Description:
To locate Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution plaques, monuments, and historic sites worldwide.

This category is to categorize markers, monuments, and sites that are specific to DAR and SAR.

***These markers are usually being submitted into Signs of History, but they should be submitted here. Signs of History will no longer publish such markers as they can categorized here.***

***This category includes sites and not just markers. Markers help locate the sites.***
Expanded Description:
The society claims a membership of 26,000 members in over 470 chapters in 50 state societies in the United States, as well as branches in Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and many more!

There are hundreds of thousands of historical sites all over the globe and each shows a tiny bit of history that helped America become an independent country from the most powerful nation in the world, at the time.

This category is for any historic site commissioned or commemorated by any DAR or SAR chapter. Most often, there is some type of plaque or monument at the site which has the official emblem of DAR or SAR. If there is no such marker or monument with an emblem, then you must provide justification to prove that it is an official DAR or SAR historic site.

Examples of acceptable DAR historical sites include:

(visit link)

(visit link)

Examples of acceptable SAR historical sites include:

(visit link)
Instructions for Posting a Daughters & Sons of the American Revolution Historic Sites Waymark:
A few key pointers to discuss before we go into further details:

Each waymark will be reviewed by a volunteer and will undergo evaluation. If we deem that the waymark is adequate, we will publish it into the database. Sometimes we will publish a waymark and ask for a request to be added. If, for some reason, we deny your listing, we will provide further details on how to improve your waymark in order for it to be published. If, for some reason, you feel like your waymark is declined for the wrong reasons, you can email the group members by clicking on the group page and send a personal message. Be sure to click the box at the bottom so we can reply to your email.

Please keep in mind that we are volunteers and do have other occupations beside waymarking. We have and hold a passion for waymarking, but as much as we love to do it, we cannot be there every minute of everyday so please be patient if we are taking longer then usual to review waymarks.

We are not looking for quantity of waymarks in this category, although there are thousands of sites worldwide. What we are looking for is quality. Feel free to post as many listings as you want, but only one waymark per item. No multiple plaque or monumnets for one waymark. If there are multiple markers or monuments at one site, then please fill out a form for each of them as they each are independent from each other unless they are all attached to the same marker or monument. When in doubt, if they are independent, include them as independent listings.


All waymarks must have an English translation. If no English translation is provided, a waymark may be declined. Please, do not use a translator such as Google as sometimes they make word placement awkward. Try your best and we can help you improve your English skills if needed.


One of the most important elements that goes into a waymark are coordinates. Please provide accurate GPS coordinates that were not taken from Google Earth or similar. Your waymark may be decline without accurate GPS coordinates.


Ideally, we like to have all of our waymarks to be under the same format so that they can be easily found in the database. If your marker's, monument's, or site's name is long, you can abbreviate it or shorten it if needed. But please, keep things simple and not over the top with your names such as, "MY REALLY COOL DAR WAYMARK" as it will be declined.

Please keep your name of the waymark in this format for sites:



Heritage Hill Historic Park - Lake Forrest, CA
Richard Henry Dana - Dana Point, CA
Telephone Canyon - Laramie, WY

Requirements for posting a waymark in this category include:

1. Find a historic site that is recognized by the Daughter's or Son's of the American Revolution society. Most of them usually a plaque or monument with the official emblem with the DAR or SAR logo on it. If you don't know what the emblem looks like, then take a look at our expanded description. If no emblem is noted at a particular site, then you must have a credible source, state it otherwise in the description, and post it in the variable section below.

2. You must personally take two (2) clear photos. One (1) of the plaque or monument, and one (1) of plaque or monument in the foreground. The main photo in the gallery must be the photo of the entire plaque or monument. If no plaque or monument is present, then provide an overview photo of the site.

A clear photo is not a thumbnail, cellphone, or nighttime photo. We are not professional photographers so we don't expect perfection. All we require are photos that are clear enough to read the text of the plaque or monument. Additional photos of what the marker is describing may be necessary for markers or monuments that lack text on them. Although this is not a requirement, it would be great if this was presented to us at the time of submission.

The more photos submitted, the better the overall character of the waymark is. The more photos you take, the least likelihood for your waymark getting declined for poor quality photos. Photos add quality to the waymark, so don't hesitate to click away. Depending on the reviewer, your waymark may be declined for blurry or hard to read photos.

Please note that watermarked or copyrighted photos will not be adequate enough unless stated in the correct variable spot that you have ownership of these photos OR have permission from the original owner. Please, no google earth or street view photos.

3. The short description is intended for a quick summary of the site, not for a place to copy and paste the marker or monument text into. Please type a few things about the site and its location. This will show up on the search results and making a first impression will lead waymarkers to find your site more interesting.

4. The long description is where you will more throughly explain the history behind your site. This is where you MUST put the text from the plaque or monument. Be sure to use proper quotation so we know it is not copying from a website or plagiarism. If you are coping from a website, be sure to add its URL to the website variable at the bottom of the form. If the plaque or monument lacks text, then you will need to let us know in the private message box so this requirement can be waived.

Regardless, you will need to provide some information about your site. You can do a quick Google search, at the very least.

5. Please fill in as much of the variables as you can. I know it takes a lot of time to complete, but in the end it will add a lot more information easier to find for other waymarkers.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
1. Take a clear photo of the site to prove you were physically there. Please, no nighttime photos or blurry photos. The photo must be a personally taken photo which means no watermarked or copyrighted photos will be accepted unless you state you they are yours. Your GPS may be in the photo if you wish.

2. Please explain your visit. What was your favorite part? We are not looking for a simply "TFTWM" log. We are looking for details to add to the next finder's overall experience. Is there something that you saw or didn't see that was or wasn't stated in the description? Now is your perfect time to add it to the page.
Instructions for Posting a Son's of the American Revolution Plaques and Monuments Waymark:
Take a picture of the plaque or monument and clearly show the symbol or wording. Please no night-time photos. Also if the plaque or monument has information on it please copy the text and put that as your long description, but remember to sight it!
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Take another picture of the monument. Did you like it? Would you recommend this to someone? ect.
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