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Specific Veteran Memorials
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Monuments and memorials dedicated or commemorated to specific veterans or units for their outstanding careers. This can be for on duty or off duty commemorations and for single or multiple people. The specific purpose of the memorials posted in this category is to be primarily focused on a particular person or unit. This category is not for memorials which are primarily focused on a specific war(s).
Expanded Description:

There are many memorials dedicated to veterans, units, and military career fields which commemorate their actions throughout their military service. There are also many which commemorate single acts of courage or deeds they did during peacetime. This category is established to list these kinds of memorials which are not war specific.

These memorials come in many forms such as stone structures, plaques, buildings, trees, gardens, parks, walkways, lakes, etc.

These memorials may even list more than one veteran or unit, but the intent of the memorials listed here are to commemorate the people/units and not a particular war(s). A veteran or unit being commemorated for off-duty service may also be listed in this category.

If the memorial you are marking was established mainly to commemorate a listing of people who served in a specific war or campaign, then it should be placed in a different corresponding category. Take a look at the other categories for veterans and wars to be sure of the exact category your waymark should be placed in.

Veteran graves are not intended for this category even though they are a kind of memorial. This category does not include grave memorials.

Examples of memorials to be listed here which are dedicated to:
- a specific veteran and lists his/her achievements during their service, whether or not that service is for a specific war.
- a specific veteran and generally honors their service.
- one or two veterans for an act they did not related to a war.
- a specific veteran for the volunteer support they gave to a community.
- one or two military units which lists their achievements during their activated time.
- a peacetime deed or act done by a veteran or unit.
- honoring a specific veteran who deceased due to non war circumstances.
- honoring a specific military career field or MOS.
- honoring a specific military naval vessel (since these are similar to "units" in other branches of the military).
- etc.

Examples of memorials not to be listed in this category that are dedicated to:
- a listing of veterans that generalizes their service as "For their service", "For those who Serve",etc. These should be placed in the Non-Specific Veteran Memorials category. This includes those memorials placed by specific groups: cities, counties, states, VFW Posts,etc., that have listings of Veterans that are only related to the group and not to a specific unit.
- a specific war(s). Place those in a category listed in the War directory.
- a war memorial that lists veterans who served in a particular war
- any (personal or family) headstone in a cemetery - this includes cenotaphs where the service member is buried elsewhere, but honored with a headstone in the cemetery.
- a service member's Vietnam POW/MIA status.

If it is unclear if a memorial you would like to submit should be placed in this category, please email us with a description/pictures of you memorial and any questions you have. Or you can submit the waymark to this category with private notes why you think it should be placed in this category and we will review it.


Instructions for Posting a Specific Veteran Memorials Waymark:

1. Mission:
The specific purpose of the memorials posted in this category is to be focused on a particular person or unit. This category is not for memorials which are primarily focused on a specific war(s).

2. Long Description:
UPDATE - 4/24/20 A physical description of the Memorial is now required - construction materials used, physical aspects of the memorial, any inscriptions, description of the area where the memorial is placed. Any waymarks having just the inscription listed in the long description will be denied - previous entries will be grandfathered.

3. Photographs:
At least one photograph is required of the item you are marking, but more are preferred. If the item has a plaque, a close up photograph of the plaque is required. This close up must be readable in the picture. If it is a large plaque, you may want to take additional photographs.

4. Naming Convention:
The title of each waymark will include the name of the monument followed by the City and State. The title will look like this example highlighted in red: 119th Pennsylvania Infantry Monument - Gettysburg, PA

5. Additional Logging Requirements:
Do not request additional visiting requirements above what is required by this category.

UPDATE 10/8/12: Memorials or monuments composed of individual parts should be treated as a single waymark - DO NOT waymark the individual parts.

CLARIFICATION 1/20/15 The Specific Veteran monument being waymarked MUST be of the honorees military service. Those Memorials of a general nature where the honoree happened to be a veteran will not be approved. An example would be the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC where Abraham Lincoln was a Captain in the Black Hawk War. The Memorial makes no mention of that service. This is a clarification of the first two bullet points of the examples given.

UPDATE 7/13/18 As of this date, the category will not accept highway signage that designates a highway or a stretch of highway as being "XXX Highway". Although these signs honor a veteran, they do not give any further information about the honoree. Also, there isn't a safe way to stop to get pictures and/or coordinates, especially along an interstate highway. Therefore, because of these considerations, all such signs will be DENIED.

UPDATE 12/1/19: Please note - the Specific Veterans category is mutually exclusive of the Non-Specific Veterans and the Citizens Memorials category. No cross-waymarking from these categories is allowed.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

*(1.)* Please submit a photo(s) taken by you of your visit to the location (non-copyrighted photos only). GPS photos are also accepted with the location in the background, and old vacation photos are accepted. If you are not able to provide a photo, then please describe your visit or give a story about the visit.
*(2.)* If you have additional information about the memorial which is not listed in the waymark description, please notify the waymark owner to have it added, and please post the information in your visit log.
Category Settings:
  • Waymarks can be added to this category
  • New waymarks of this category are reviewed by the category group prior to being published
  • Category is visible in the directory
  • Website pertaining to the memorial
  • List if there are any visiting hours
  • Entrance fees (if it applies)
  • Type of memorial
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Image for Mexican Expeditionary Force 201st Fighter Squadron Memorial - San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexicoview gallery

here0 km

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Specific Veteran MemorialsMexican Expeditionary Force 201st Fighter Squadron Memorial - San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico

in Specific Veteran Memorials

A memorial to the men of the Mexican Expeditionary Force 201st Fighter Squadron who fought and died in the Philippines during World War II is located outside the Mexican Air Force Base in San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico.

posted by: Groundspeak Charter Member neoc1

location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

date approved: 3/10/2019

last visited: never

Image for Lieutenant José Azueta & Cadet Virgilio Uribe - Cancun, Mexicoview gallery

NN71.8 km

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Specific Veteran MemorialsLieutenant José Azueta & Cadet Virgilio Uribe - Cancun, Mexico

in Specific Veteran Memorials

A plaque honoring Lt José Azueta & Cadet Virgilio Uribe can be seen on the base of the obelisk to the naval heroes of the American invasion of Veracruz in 1914 located near the junction of the Av. Coba and Av. Tulum in Cancun, Mexico.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member denben

location: Quintana Roo, Mexico

date approved: 3/29/2018

last visited: never

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