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UNESCO Biosphere Reserves
The mission of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves is to locate and document all worldwide Biosphere Reserves designated by UNESCO. This can help to increase awareness of these reserves and promote education about the conservation of our environment.
Expanded Description:
UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are located worldwide with diverse landscapes, marine and coastal ecosystems. Each UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is unique, offering waymarkers an opportunity to explore, appreciate and learn about the biodiversity of these areas.

There are nearly 700 biosphere reserves in 120 countries, with more added each year.

To learn more about UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Instructions for Posting a UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Waymark:
YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ACTUALLY VISIT THE BIOSPHERE. Just pictures of a visitor center, nature center or a sign will NOT meet the photo requirements as stated below.

REQUIRED: The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve you are waymarking must be listed on the UNESCO website and the link provided below.

Revision: August 15, 2017

This category will only accept one submission per waymarker for a specific UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Other waymarkers can post the same Biosphere Reserve if they meet the posting requirements stated as follows:

REQUIRED: Submit a photograph of a sign and/or plaque with the UNESCO Biosphere designation from any location. If there is not a sign or plaque, you can submit a photograph of a Visitor's Center or Nature Center whose purpose is to provide information about the Biosphere Reserve. This can be a photograph of maps and/or sign boards about the Biosphere Reserve. If the name on the building has the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve name this will be accepted.

REQUIRED: If the plaque or sign is in another language other than English a translation must be provided.

Many National Parks are either encompassed by or are themselves UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. These, of course, are acceptable, but ONLY if a sign or plaque declaring its status as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is included. The picture of the sign or plaque must be included in the photo gallery.

Do not include the name of the park or reserve in the title, only the name of the Biosphere Reserve.

Follow the naming convention as stated below.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Good photographs are a must. The submitter must include at least three original images: One must be of a sign naming the specific UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Visitor's Center or Nature Center as described. Two must be of different sections of the Biosphere, highlighting features of the Biosphere Reserve as indicated on the UNESCO website. These can be lakes, rivers, landscape overviews, rock formations, mountain ranges and other features described on the UNESCO Biosphere page.

NO photographs taken from the internet. If it appears that you have not actually visited the biosphere, your waymark will be declined.

DEFAULT PHOTOGRAPH: Sign or plaque with the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation. If it is a building it MUST clearly show the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve name.

NAMING YOUR WAYMARK: You are REQUIRED to use a specific naming convention in titling your waymark; giving each waymark its own unique name.

The title must include the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve named on the UNESCO website, followed by the city and state/province and country.

NO tilde (~) or double hyphens (--) are allowed in the title.

Example: Frontenac Arch Biosphere - Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada

Failure to follow this title requirement will result in your waymark being denied.

COORDINATES: Personally obtained coordinates must be obtained where the sign/s, visitor's center or nature center are located. Coordinates must be at a public location with easy access for visitors.

LONG DESCRIPTION: The submitter must provide at least three sentences about the UNESCO Biosphere from a personal experience point of view. (personal narrative) Also, please include the location of where the plaque or sign is located. Also include the primary information from the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve link you provided and insert below your personal comments.

Additional photographs are encouraged.

CITATIONS: If "some" of the information is taken from the UNESCO website or other source, it MUST be cited.

Failure to comply with this citation/s requirement will result in your waymark being denied.

An English Translation is required in the short and long description.

Find Biospheres by region at Directory of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR).

NOTE: There are a few biosphere reserves which are also wholly or partially World Heritage sites. These sites can be found at this list of Biosphere Reserves which are wholly or partially World Heritage sites .

Usually, you can search by name to find information about the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Wikipedia does provide information on some UNESCO Biosphere Reserves; it must state that it is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and cited in the variable below.

RESTRICTION: The UNESCO Biosphere Reserves category WILL NOT accept any World Heritage Sites only.

Waymarking an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is a unique opportunity to explore and learn about planet Earth.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Enjoy your visit, tell your story and post a picture.
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Image for Big Bend National Park - Brewster County TXview gallery

SESE156.1 km

Log it!

UNESCO Biosphere ReservesBig Bend National Park - Brewster County TX

in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Big Bend National Park is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Benchmark Blasterz

location: Texas

date approved: 1/28/2017

last visited: 3/14/2017

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