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Exotic Coordinates
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Please see the expanded description! To categorize real world locations of exotic and unique publicly accessible coordinates. We are looking for coordinates of the same number throughout OR with a defined pattern. Please see our expanded description for details.

Expanded Description:

This category is intended in finding unique coordinates and noting their real world locations. We will be excluding palindrome coordinates as these can be submitted in their own existing category.

We are looking for patterns such as N32 32.323, W121 21.212, N33 33.333, or W111 11.111. In addition, we will be accepting those with mathematical constants as well such as pi and e. For example, N31 41.593 (pi) and N27 18.282 (e) are valid exotic coordinates for this category.

To keep things from getting too crazy, we will only be accepting waymarks with both coordinates being exotic. We will not be accepting waymarks where only one set is being exotic because (theoretically) an infinite amount of waymarks can be submitted at ever coordinate second.

Examples of accepted waymarks coordinates: N33 33.333 W111 11.111, N55 55.555 W121 21.212, N31 41.593 (pi) etc...

Examples that will not be accepted: N33 33.333 W117 45.607, N23 17.564 W121 21.212, etc... Here, the last digit (second) of the un-exotic coordinate (DD MM.SSS) can be altered to include a near infant amount of waymarks. For simplistic purposes, both sets of coordinates must be exotic and unique.

Instructions for Posting a Exotic Coordinates Waymark:

1. Once an exotic coordinate point has been found, you must personally visit the site with your GPS and camera. The site MUST be publicly accessible. This implies that the general public may visit the site without going onto private or government land. Exceptions would be if you have obtained permission, which needs to be addressed in the private message to the reviewer as well as stated clearly in the description for future finders. Two photos are required. One of the overview of the site. Preferably this photo would include your GPS at the exact point of this exotic coordinate point so that it is easier to locate the exact meeting place.

If for some reason your exact coordinates are at a roof top of a publicly accessible building, then you may submit the waymark using photos and coordinates of the main entrance to the building.

The second photo must be a close up of your GPS saying how far you are from ground zero. Try and get as close as you can so that your GPS will say 0 feet/meters away from the exotic coordinate point.

2. In the detailed description, write about how this site's coordinates are unique and exotic. What is interesting about them? Is there a monument on site, a historical marker, a museum? Explain why you believe this is a good fit for this category.

3. Fill out as many variables as you can in the variables section. Some are option only if information cannot be found. If you can find information for a specific variable such as parking/trailhead coords or address then you must provide them.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
To prove you visited the site, you must take a photo during your visit, preferably with your GPS relaying the exact exotic coordinates. Explain in your log if you found anything interesting or creative about the location.
Category Settings:
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