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Texas Rangers' Gravesites
Locate and document the final resting place of a former Texas Ranger. These graves can usually be identified by the distinctive metal crosses at many of their graves.
Expanded Description:
To be more defined later.
Instructions for Posting a Texas Rangers' Gravesites Waymark:
1. There should be at minimum two photos of the gravesite. The first should be a medium shot showing the headstone (and the metal cross, if present) and the immediate surrounding area. The second should be a closeup of the headstone so that clear details of the person identified are easily readable.

2. If the distinctive metal cross is not present, what reasoning do you have for including this grave in the category?
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
At least one new photo showing the gravesite should be included with your visit log.
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  • Metal cross present?
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