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Strong Mens Memorials
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We are looking for statues or monuments of a strong man (women) all around the world.
Expanded Description:
Strong men have always fascinated people at all times. From antiquity to the present day, their exploits attract crowds. People appreciated and honored them by erecting monuments. Thus, they will remain forever in the memory of their fans.
Instructions for Posting a Strong Mens Memorials Waymark:
To post a new waymark please provide the following:

1) You have to have visited the memorial yourself and taking your GPS coordinates on site.

2) You must provide at least 3 good quality photos. One showing the area of the memorial. Another one specifically showing the memorial. A photo of the descriptive plate is required.

3) You must follow the following namming for the title of your Waymark.

Last Name, First Name - City, State, Country.

For example: Cyr, Louis - Napierville, Quebec, Canada

4) The memorial must be erected in relation to its strength and not for any other reason. A mention about it should appear on the plaque of the memorial.

5) Giving a web link in relation to the memorial or the strong man is a plus.
Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
You must provide at least one picture of the statue / monument / memorial. Tell us what do you think about this strong man. Did you know him before your visit here?
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