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Love Signs and Creations
Managed By: Icon Here Love Spreaders
We are looking for LOVE spreading objects all around the world!
Expanded Description:

Let's spread some love everybody!

In this category, we are looking for LOVE-related structures. These love objects can be in many forms depending on their location. Many of them are to promote a certain country, region, or city and can be found in various touristic spots, city centers, plazas etc. They can be created out of hedges, metal, stone, or any other material.

Acceptable examples:

Unacceptable examples:

Instructions for Posting a Love Signs and Creations Waymark:

1. The object must contain at least one of these two: the heart symbol or the word love (including variants in regional language).
The structure needs to be dimensional. This excludes: murals, graffiti, stickers, posters etc. We are looking for touchable objects.
3. The creation needs to mean something and be individual. Simple hearts being a pattern on a bench is not something this category is looking for! See examples in the expanded description.
4. It has to be permanent – no temporary signs, which are mounted for a limited time, i.e., during concerts or festivals.
5. No commercial background – no inscriptions or signs that are in shops, on a store window, or for purposes that clearly promote a business (i.e. McDonald's "I'm Loving it" slogan).

Naming convention:
Please name your waymark the following way: Your Name of the Love Creation - City / Region, Country / State
Example 1: I Love Warsaw - Warsaw, Poland
Example 2: #LoveCity - Los Angeles, CA

Long description: At least one sentence about the object and where it is placed. Any information about who placed it, when, or any history behind the creation is appreciated.

Photo requirements: Attached photos need to show the whole LOVE object and its surroundings. It is possible to do with only one photo, but you may need to take several ones (we encourage you to do so!).

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Post a photo of the object. You or your belongings don't need to be in the picture.
Category Settings:
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