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Military Ground Equipment Displays
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We are recruiting all waymark members to list authentic and replica military ground equipment that have been setup as static displays. Your mission is to search for tanks, missile and mortar launchers, anti-aircraft guns, APCs, rail cars, transport vehicles, and more. Obtain coordinates for these items, take reconnaissance photos, and report back here with the information you have gained to make this operation successful.


Expanded Description:

Hundreds of Armies have developed millions of ground war fighting machines since 1900. Most of these have been lost to war damage, peace time demolition, and decay. However, several examples still remain and are on display across the world. Many people today still remember fighting and training in these machines during their service in the military. This group is for marking the display locations of this ground equipment no matter which branch of the service they belonged to. You can find these static displays at museums, next to armories, near veteran meeting halls, and in historic battle areas. Most locations are unknown to most people. Marking these locations will bring to light these areas that so many veterans like to visit and remember, and to bring back to life the memory of those who served for causes they firmly believed in.

Aircraft and missiles should be listed in the Static Aircraft Displays category.

Artillery, Howitzers, and cannons should be placed in the Static Artillery Displays category)

Instructions for Posting a Military Ground Equipment Displays Waymark:

These items must have had a primary use in the military. Each item listed is required to have at least one photo. Additional photos are requested to show any identification markings, special design features, nearby plaques, etc.

It can be equipment with war fighting or support functions such as:
- Tanks
- Missile launchers
- Mortar launchers
- Anti aircraft guns
- Machine guns
- Projectiles
- Humvees
- Attack vehicles
- Armored Personnel Carriers
- Supply trucks
- Jeeps
- Rail cars/engines
- Bulldozer equipment
- Communications
- Experimental items
- Bombs
- Search Lights
- Military junk yards
- And more...

Aircraft and missiles are to be listed in the Static Aircraft Displays category. However, the missile launcher attached to the missile can be listed here.

As of May 2008 this category is no longer accepting artillery, Howitzers, and cannon waymarks. However, it will accept artillery and Howitzers that are manufactured in the form of a self propelled vehicle that looks similar to a tank or truck.
Artillery, Howitzers, and cannons are to be listed in the Static Artillery Displays category.

The title of the equipment you mark must include the name of the equipment, model of equipment if known, and location such as city and state/province.

Please include any information pertaining to the equipment such as:
1. Make
2. Model
3. Country of origin
4. Location
5. Years of operation
6. Units assigned
7. Campaigns participated
8. Any significant achievements
9. And any additional info you can provide

If you find non-waymarked equipment that you do not have any information about, we still would like for it to be marked. Please conduct some research and post it in your description. If for some reason you cannot find any information about it, go ahead and still submit it with the info you have and request in the description for other group members to help provide any info. We will then consider it for approval. You may be required to add details about it later as you receive information from other visiting waymarkers.

Do not mark equipment in restricted areas and/or areas that will cause security concerns. Current service members, dependents, and retirees can mark equipment on military installations in unrestricted areas, but please be aware that many civilians will not be allowed to visit these areas. In your descriptions, include if the item can or not be accessed by the general public.

The intention of this category is to gather locations and a history for each individual piece of military equipment on static display. There are some people who have a history with some of this equipment and can give more information about them when they log a visit. So if you encounter a military display which is showing multiple pieces of military equipment in one small area, then it is preferred each piece of equipment is marked individually. If you feel the display grouping should not be marked individually, please send us a note explaining the reasons why so we can better understand the circumstances.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:

1.) Only log the places you physically visit.
2.) Please submit a photo(s) taken by you of your visit to the location (non-copyrighted photos only). GPS photos are also accepted with the location in the background, and old vacation photos are accepted. If you are not able to provide a photo, then please describe your visit or give a story about the visit
3.) Please provide any additional information about the equipment you may have that is not listed in the waymark's description.


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Image for 170mm German Mortar - Donnybrook , Western Australiaview gallery

here0 km

Log it!

Military Ground Equipment Displays170mm German Mortar - Donnybrook , Western Australia

in Military Ground Equipment Displays

A german 170mm mortar next to the local war memorial

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member blingg

location: Western Australia, Australia

date approved: 2/10/2017

last visited: never

Image for Leopard Tank - Collie - West Australiaview gallery

NENE38.9 km

Log it!

Military Ground Equipment DisplaysLeopard Tank - Collie - West Australia

in Military Ground Equipment Displays

1A4 Leopard Battle Tank

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member SeabreezeOZ

location: Western Australia, Australia

date approved: 5/21/2012

last visited: never

Image for M113 APC -Manjimup , Western Australiaview gallery

SS79.5 km

Log it!

Military Ground Equipment DisplaysM113 APC -Manjimup , Western Australia

in Military Ground Equipment Displays

An armoured personnel carrier

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member blingg

location: Western Australia, Australia

date approved: 3/9/2017

last visited: never

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